Wow Bao Unveils Web3 Loyalty Experience: Mint NFTs, Get Discounts, Enjoy Free Meals

Wow Bao Unveils Web3 Loyalty Experience: Mint NFTs, Get Discounts, Enjoy Free Meals

Asian street food specialist Wow Bao is exploring Web3. It just announced that it will convert its traditional point-based rewards into an innovative Web3 NFT-backed loyalty system. 

A screenshot of Wow Bao's Web3 loyalty interface.
This fresh initiative unveils new NFTs known as “CollectaBaos”.

What is WoW Bao’s Web3 Loyalty System?

This fresh initiative unveils new NFTs known as “CollectaBaos”. For an initial $99, food enthusiasts can purchase these distinctive digital assets crafted by acclaimed NFT artist ManoverMars. Furthermore, each CollectaBao grants a year-long membership to Wow Bao’s novel Web3 loyalty program, featuring perks such as a 10% discount, complimentary meals, and exclusive merchandise.

CollectaBaos NFTs are born from Wow Bao‘s recent collaboration with Web3 ordering partner Devour. They are available on the DevourGO marketplace. So, adding a unique flavor to the Web3 space, Paytronix powers these NFTs, enriching the on-chain customer experience for retail brands and convenience stores.

Additionally, Wow Bao announced that other utilities are coming. Unique NFT mints will include access to special events, cooking classes, and personal meet-and-greets with CEO Geoff Alexander. Moreover, sneak peeks at new bun flavors will be reserved for the holders.

What is Wow Bao?

Wow Bao is an Asian fast-food chain. It offers flavor-packed bao, pan-seared potstickers, steamed dumplings, and also hearty soups. At the heart of their menu is the Bao – a soft, steamed bun filled with either savory or sweet delights, proving that there’s a lot to ‘wow’ about in these ‘hot Asian buns’.

In a savvy move to broaden its appeal, Wow Bao has consciously avoided the use of ‘Web3’ and ‘NFT’ in customer communications. As such, purchasing a CollectaBao does not require a crypto wallet, making the process more accessible to a mainstream audience.

This NFT loyalty program indeed heralds a landmark moment for Wow Bao. It pioneers a digital shift in the restaurant industry akin to, yet distinct from, initiatives like Starbucks Odyssey. As it bites into Web3, Wow Bao provides a tantalizing taste of what the fusion of food and the metaverse can serve up.


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