Willow Makes Music History with First-Ever NFT Accolade

Willow Makes Music History with First-Ever NFT Accolade

On May 24th, the Recording Industry Association of America awarded Willow Smith the first music NFT plaque in history.


  • Performer (and Will Smith’s daughter) Willow received an NFT plaque from RIAA, honoring her platinum singles.
  • Willow Smith designed the visual artwork for the plaque, which will change according to her career achievements.
  • The breakthrough proves the historical impact NFTs have on the music industry.
image of Willow Smith
Willow Smith, the 22-year-old music artist, received the first NFT award in the RIAA history.

Why Did Willow Receive RIAA’s NFT Plaque?

Music artist (and Will Smith’s youngest daughter) Willow made history in the NFT space last week! The 22-year-old hitmaker received the first NFT plaque ever from RIAA.

Accordingly, the plaque honors Willow’s top four singles that went platinum throughout her career. From ‘Whip My Hair’ to the most recent single ‘Transparent Soul,’ these creations made history.

Of course, Willow left her mark on the plaque itself too. The artist created the visual design for the plaque artwork and her label Roc Nation and Infinite Objects. Surprisingly, the visual imagery will change the artwork after Willow’s certifications are implemented.

“I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to engage in the sacred process that is music. BIG LOVE to RIAA and Infinite Objects! I am so honored to be able to celebrate these NFT milestones in such an innovative way,” Willow said.

image of the Willow NFT plaque from RIAA
Willow is the first artist to receive an NFT plaque from RIAA.

Is the Music Industry Embracing NFTs?

The music NFTs niche has exploded in the past year – and industry leaders have joined the trend too. For example, the giant Warner Music Group launched a DJ competition within The Sandbox metaverse last winter! The same company developed a music-themed experience called Rhythm City in Roblox too.

Meanwhile, NFT whale Steve Aoki released a first-of-its-kind metaverse music player available for some music NFT collectors. The new device brings together music and Web3 enthusiasts via NFTs launched by Linkin Park, Kings of Leon, and more.

These examples alone, along with Willow’s NFT plaque, prove the historical impact Web3 has on the music industry too – and we’re here to witness it all.


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