Upcoming NFT Mints: May 26 – June 15

Upcoming NFT Mints: May 26 – June 15

Get ready to experience the latest wave of upcoming NFT mints! From May 26th to June 15th, the digital art world is set to explode with a wave of groundbreaking NFT mints that will leave collectors and enthusiasts awe-struck.

Brace yourself for an unprecedented lineup of innovative artwork, rare collectibles, and mind-bending experiences. With a multitude of renowned artists, emerging talents, and cutting-edge projects in the mix, this is the moment to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of non-fungible tokens.

Whether you’re a seasoned NFT aficionado or a curious newcomer, this article is your front-row ticket to the most anticipated NFT mints of the next few weeks.

Buckle up and get ready to witness the future of art unfold before your eyes!

A collage of some of the upcoming NFT mints from projects in May
Upcoming NFT mints from projects in May-June

LuckyPlanet – Upcoming NFT Mint – May 28th

Lucky Planet is essentially a crowdfunded popular science project. It revolutionizes education through captivating animated films. Founded by the visionary LuckyOne, their content targets a broad audience. They also promote scientific thinking and enriching public discourse.

Backed by meticulous research and inspired by icons like Bill Nye and even popular YouTube channel Kurzgesagt, Lucky Planet sets the bar for accuracy and quality. Moreover, thanks to the support of the Cardano NFT community, they’ve secured funding for a thrilling first season with 20 episodes. All episodes are available on their YouTube channel.

Lucky Planet combines awe-inspiring science stories from the WiTcast podcast with animated characters like Professor Almond and Cookie. Through the exciting world of NFT crowdfunding, Lucky Planet offers supporters beautifully crafted artworks that can be owned, traded, and gifted. Furthermore, NFT holders are credited in each episode and can connect with like-minded individuals across the Cardano blockchain.

By embracing this innovative funding model, Lucky Planet not only sustains their educational film production but also delights supporters with unique, heartfelt creations by LuckyOne.

Gold Fever – Mints May 31st

Gold Fever is an immersive online multiplayer video game that revolutionizes the gaming industry. This is due to its unique Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn model. The game focuses on community building and strategic cooperation. Players are rewarded for their skills and engagement in the game.

In its essence, Gold Fever leverages decentralization. It offers economic incentives and a unique scalable game infrastructure. Unlike traditional gaming options, Gold Fever allows players to earn real-world income through gameplay and ecosystem support.

By crafting and selling in-game items, hosting arenas, lending currency, renting out items, providing services, and trading NFTs, players can unlock exciting earning opportunities. Gold Fever leads the way in the crypto-enabled gaming segment via its top-grade 3D graphics and a commitment to quality gameplay.

Moreover, as the game progresses, decentralization and player-elected councils ensure self-governance and collective decision-making. Join the revolution and embark on a thrilling journey where success in the game translates into real-life rewards.

Bushi – Mints 6th June

Bushi is a fast-paced & competitive third-person shooter built with Unreal Engine 5. This is a free-to-play experience and can be downloaded using the Onenet lite launcher. Bushi is also available on popular distribution platforms like Elixir Games and GameSwift. Its NFT offering, “The Bushi Battlepass” is a seasonal item that encompasses over 30 items for players to unlock, upgrade, and trade within the Bushi ecosystem.

The Battlepass is also a means to obtain their in-game currency, CORES. Cores are used to interact with skins, emotes, animations, etc. in Bushi. CORES is our in-game currency that is able to change the “core” of an item in-game.

In the game, changing the core of an item can have different outcomes like different animation types, visual effects, or even entirely new armor for players’ characters. Players can also purchase CORES directly using a credit card or receive them by leveling through their Bushi Battlepass.

Gyrenauts NFT – Mints 8th June

The Gyrenauts initiative seeks to transform philanthropy in the web3 realm. This project establishes automated funding channels for 17 distinct organizations, each dedicated to advancing one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

By selecting a partner organization aligned with their interests, individuals can mint a unique Gyrenaut reflecting their chosen cause. Furthermore, proceeds generated from Gyrenaut mints go towards supporting the selected cause and combating global plastic pollution.

Gyrenauts Lore: In the year 2040, the Earth’s plight worsens due to pollution, exploitation, and injustice. The Gyrenauts, a group of activists who explored oceanic gyres to uncover the devastating impact of plastic pollution, reunite to combat this crisis. Together, they aim to address interconnected global challenges and create a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Some of the utilities of the project include:

  • Engagement: Join global NGOs and activists in campaigns to protect the planet, from sailing on research vessels to combating rainforest destruction.
  • Rewards: Receive digital airdrops, exclusive access, and recognition for participating in real-world initiatives for environmental preservation.
  • Gear: Access low-waste lifestyle products and branded merchandise from corporate partners associated with the Gyrenauts project.
  • Education: Gain direct access to scientific research, personalized webinars, and also presentations for NFT holders’ schools and workplaces.

Petobots – Mints June 15th

Petobots is a unique GameFi project that utilizes NFT technology, allowing players to collect robotic pets for thrilling PvP battles. Participants can place bets before each battle, with the winner claiming all rewards. The development team is creating a platform for seamless integration of engaging PvP games into upcoming web3 projects. This also offers gamification techniques for contests and entertainment.

In Petobots, player and Petobot progression differ. Players earn XP points based on matchmaking type and various factors like matches played, wins, and tournament performance. Player achievements reward NFT drops, increased Pit capacity, and higher bets. Additionally, Petobots progress through matches played, wins, ownership, active days, streaks, and interaction with other Petobots and artifacts. Each level grants trait improvement points and upgrades. Players can also enhance specific Petobot features using trait improvement points, visible through the Petobots Explorer.

Stay tuned for more upcoming NFT mints later in the month. As always, do your own research – this is not financial advice.


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