Unstoppable Domains Joins OMA3, Paving the Way for a Decentralized Metaverse

The decentralized metaverse group of companies OMA3 welcomed a new Web3 platform to their board: Unstoppable Domains. Together, the two now aim to facilitate users’ experience for land trading in the metaverse. Excitingly, this includes new dedicated marketplaces! Further, as a top web3 identity brand, Unstoppable Domains plans to improve and clarify users’ digital identity in the blockchain sector.

image of the two logos of OMA3 and unstoppable domains for a decentralized metaverse
Unstoppable Domains has joined OMA3 on its journey to create a decentralized metaverse, including metaverse interoperability.

How Does OMA3 Support a Future Decentralized Metaverse?

This week, OMA3 (Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3) announced the latest member of its Board of Directors, Unstoppable Domains. In essence, OMA3 is a group of companies sharing the same goal. The goal – supporting and innovating the idea of a decentralized metaverse.

Right now, the group’s main focus is to standardize the land domain trading area in the metaverse. For example, their core goal is the ability to travel to (and trade) specific locations within various metaverses.

“It is commendable that Unstoppable Domains is willing to commit resources to build a system that gives equal opportunity to any name registrar, including their competitors,” said Co-CEO t OMA3 Dirk Lueth. “We welcome other companies in the domain name space to join OMA3 and contribute to the process.” 

What is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains is a Web3 platform that creates Web3 domains for blockchain users to secure ownership over their virtual identities. It was founded in 2018, way before the NFT boom. Surprisingly, Forbes named it one of the Best Startup Employers in the US last year.

“As metaverse platforms become more interoperable, it will be important to give users an easy, universal way to identify metaverse land uniquely,” said the company’s COO, Sandy Carter.

Overall, Unstoppable Domains’ partnership with OMA3 is a step forward toward a decentralized metaverse.


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