Unleashing City Diaries: Candy Digital and Getty Images’ Epic NFTs!

Unleashing City Diaries: Candy Digital and Getty Images’ Epic NFTs!

Candy Digital, a prominent digital collectibles platform, and the famous visual media company Getty Images, have announced their second collaborative venture. This collection of digital photographs is titled “City Diaries: Visual Narratives From Around the World”. It will be launched on June 1, 2023. Those Candy Digital NFTs will feature iconic snapshots from seven influential cities worldwide: New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Mexico City, Istanbul, and Mumbai.

  • Collection of digital photographs called “City Diaries: Visual Narratives From Around the World,” featuring snapshots from seven global cities, on June 1, 2023.
  • The collection includes works from various photographers and offers a blind minting experience where collectors can purchase packs of two images without knowing what they’ll receive. Collectors who acquire all four images of a city will be awarded a unique “Eiffel Tower” chaser asset.
  • The collection also includes a free introductory digital photograph from the 1930s, capturing a moment of a young boy watching a baseball game, available for minting throughout the launch period. The collection will be open for purchase until June 30, 2023.
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The “City Diaries” collection features renowned photographers.

What are the Candy Digital NFTs?

Candy Digital and Getty Images started their collaboration with the ’70s Music & Culture Collection”. Now, they decided to shift their focus towards urban landscapes. 

The City Diaries collection will include works from a diverse group of photographers. Specifically, it features the trailblazing Bert Hardy. This genius revolutionized the field by choosing a 35mm Leica over a traditional large-format press camera. It also features J.F. Davis, known for his striking and surrealistic depictions of sports and culture.

In curating “City Diaries,” Getty aimed to reflect the intricate richness of the cities featured. Consequently, the team handpicked a variety of images from the Getty Images Archive that encapsulate the unique spirit and culture of each metropolis.

Perks for the collectors

Additionally, Candy Digital is providing an intriguing offer for collectors. They can purchase packs of two images, each tied to a specific city in the collection. These packs present a blind minting experience, meaning collectors won’t know which two images they’ll receive until after the purchase.

For those with a complete set of all four images from a single city, a unique “Eiffel Tower” chaser asset awaits.

Candy Digital NFTs’ “City Diaries” will also include a free introductory digital photograph. This image is believed to be from the 1930s. It displays a young boy climbing onto another’s back to get a free view of a baseball game.

“City Diaries: Visual Narratives From Around the World” will be available for purchase from June 1, 1:00 pm ET, to June 30, 5:00 pm ET, 2023.

For those interested in digital photography, global culture, or NFT collections, this unique offering provides an immersive journey into the heart of these cities. It’s a testament to the transformative potential of technology in bringing our shared cultural heritage into the digital realm.


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