Launches Trekki NFT: Your Passport to Extraordinary Travel Experiences! Launches Trekki NFT: Your Passport to Extraordinary Travel Experiences!

Trekki NFT, a groundbreaking Web3 project by, captures the allure of travel with its debut NFT offering. With its captivating worldview and immersive storyline, Trekki NFT stands out among overseas NFTs. The venture establishes itself as a distinctive intellectual property that offers enhanced and lasting value.

As’s first venture into the Web3 landscape, the project redefines NFT use-cases. It does so via collaborations with industry organizations to empower Trekki enthusiasts with exceptional travel experiences, including discounted flights, hotel bookings, and attraction tickets.

a screengrab of the Trekki travel NFT launch announcement, showcasing the Dolphin-esque character from the game! Soars High With Trekki NFT

NFTs in the Travel Industry: A New Frontier

The travel industry broadens the scope of use-cases for NFTs. The enchanting world of Trekki is in its essence an immersive travel experience. Trekkis are fascinating extraterrestrial creatures that resemble dolphins. According to the lore, Trekki’s originate from the mesmerizing planet Trekia. These inquisitive beings have arrived on Earth, eager to explore its wonders and venture into uncharted territories.

The initial expedition team, “Tripo”, symbolizes the adolescence of Trekki. It holds the potential for evolution into maturity. With engaging gameplay mechanics, Trekki NFT also allows holders to nurture their NFTs through in-platform orders, badges, and membership levels. This also enables their NFTs to evolve and upgrade.

Trekki NFT: How to Make the Best of Your Trip

The gameplay of Trekki NFT offers an immersive and captivating experience for users. The Trekki NFT project empowers travelers Here are some exciting highlights:

  • Travel to Grow: Unlock the transformative potential of your Trekki NFTs as they progress from their juvenile stage to maturity and ultimately reach their ultimate form. As a holder, you nurture and shape your NFTs by utilizing the available resources on Utilize platform orders, badges, or membership levels to provide nourishment and support the growth of your Trekki NFTs. Engaging in NFT staking also allows you to earn valuable evolution stones. This is also a crucial part of evolving your cherished Trekki NFTs.
  • Travel to Earn: Upon acquiring an NFT, players have the option to stake their NFTs on the official website. The rewards earned through staking are determined by the unique attributes of the NFTs. Players receive tokens that can be exchanged for a diverse range of products and benefits, enhancing their overall experience within the Trekki NFT ecosystem.

As Trekki NFT sets sail on its exciting voyage, it invites enthusiasts to join the captivating world it offers. With unparalleled travel experiences and innovative gameplay mechanics, Trekki NFT promises to deliver an unparalleled journey into the realms of imagination and adventure.

Upcoming Plans For’s Trekki Initiative

Apart from this, also establishes the path forward for Trekki. Here’s what we can expect from the project:

  • Meaningful Partnerships: Trekki NFT is actively collaborating with notable Web2 and Web3 brands, NFT platforms, trading platforms, and media outlets to expand the market and empower NFTs. The collaboration channel is open for inquiries, and Backwave, the endorsed Web3 incubator, will support the project’s growth.
  • Cultivating the Trekki Community: Early supporters enjoy exclusive benefits. These include free mints and NFT whitelist applications, special community privileges, free flight tickets. Additionally, holders may also receive benefits from collaborating brands.
  • Engaging Events: Captivating online and offline events like Twitter Spaces, pop-up stores, and NFT-themed activities.


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