The Key Takeaways from Ledger CEO’s Open Letter

The Key Takeaways from Ledger CEO’s Open Letter

In an open letter, Ledger CEO, Pascal Gauthier, has addressed concerns surrounding Ledger Recover. In the letter, Gauthier emphasized Ledger’s progress and commitment to providing secure access to digital assets. He also discussed concerns regarding Ledger Recover and the way it was announced. Let’s dive into some of the key points shared by the Ledger CEO!

Ledger CEO, Gauthier
CEO’s Open Letter: Ledger’s Mission for Secure Access and User-Friendly Experiences. Image: Ledger

Ledger recently encountered backlash regarding its upcoming launch of Ledger Recover. Notably, the new service aims to provide a solution for seed phrase recovery by incorporating third-party custodians. However, some community members are uncomfortable with the third-party involvement.

Now, Ledger CEO, Pascal Gauthier, has shared an open letter to the community. Here, he acknowledged the progress made by Ledger in the past two years. Additionally, he discussed the company’s focus on its mission of providing secure access to digital assets through user-friendly experiences without compromising security. Significantly, Gauthier also said that Ledger Recover, provided by Coincover, aligns with this mission.

However, the Ledger CEO admitted that there was an unintentional communication mistake that caught consumers by surprise. Unfortunately, it also affected customers’ understanding of Ledger Recover. In the letter, the company apologizes for the way that Ledger Recover was communicated to the community and customers. The Ledger CEO emphasized that the intention was never to surprise customers. In fact, they said that Ledger has been discussing this product publicly for over a year to ensure transparency. According to the letter, Ledger have learned a lot from this experience and customers can expect improved communication in the future.

Ledger’s CEO firmly believes in the necessity of a service like Ledger Recover. With years of experience in the industry, Gauthier understands the responsibility to empower individuals with self-sovereignty and self-custody over their digital assets.

What’s Next for Ledger?

So, what’s next? According to Gauthier, Ledger maintains an unwavering commitment to security. Ledger is the top-rated hardware wallet and the only certified hardware wallet. With nearly a decade of experience safeguarding private keys and constant quality enhancements, Ledger prioritizes security above all.

Moreover, Ledger aims to enhance transparency. The Ledger CEO stressed that the majority of Ledger’s codebase is already open source. With this in mind, Ledger is accelerating its open-sourcing roadmap. The plan includes making as much of the Ledger operating system auditable by the community. Additionally, the Ledger Recover protocol will be open-sourced, empowering the community with more options for self-custody. The intention behind these developments is to enhance transparency going forward without compromising device security.

Finally, the Ledger CEO expressed thanks for the valuable feedback received, stating that it has helped to making Ledger a stronger company and community. Ultimately, the mission to make crypto secure and user-friendly is still the main goal!


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