Tabor’s Ghosts Achieves 100k Players Milestone on Quest App Lab and Steam Platform

Tabor’s Ghosts, a popular virtual reality game developed by indie studio Free Range Games, has recently achieved a significant milestone by reaching 100,000 players on both the Quest App Lab and Steam platforms. This achievement is a testament to the game’s popularity and the growing interest in virtual reality gaming.

Tabor’s Ghosts is a first-person shooter game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where players must fight off hordes of undead creatures. The game features a variety of weapons and abilities that players can use to defeat their enemies, as well as a range of different environments to explore.

One of the key features of Tabor’s Ghosts is its immersive gameplay, which is made possible by the use of virtual reality technology. Players can fully immerse themselves in the game world, using their VR headset to look around and interact with their surroundings. This level of immersion has helped to make Tabor’s Ghosts one of the most popular VR games on the market.

The game’s success on both the Quest App Lab and Steam platforms is a testament to its broad appeal. The Quest App Lab is a platform for VR games that can be played on the Oculus Quest headset, while Steam is a popular platform for PC gaming. By achieving 100,000 players on both platforms, Tabor’s Ghosts has demonstrated its ability to appeal to a wide range of gamers.

The success of Tabor’s Ghosts is also a reflection of the growing interest in virtual reality gaming. As VR technology continues to improve and become more accessible, more and more gamers are turning to VR games as a way to experience immersive gameplay. Tabor’s Ghosts is just one example of the many exciting VR games that are available to gamers today.

In conclusion, Tabor’s Ghosts achieving 100k players milestone on Quest App Lab and Steam platform is a significant achievement for the indie studio Free Range Games. The game’s immersive gameplay and broad appeal have helped to make it one of the most popular VR games on the market. As virtual reality technology continues to improve, we can expect to see more exciting VR games like Tabor’s Ghosts emerge in the future.


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