Supercharge Your Digital Art with MakersPlace’s Launchpad Program!

MakersPlace, a top marketplace for unique digital art, is celebrating a major achievement with its ‘Artist Launchpad Program’. From June to September, this program offers a customized journey to support and empower digital artists as they thrive in the NFT world. Let’s dive in!


Community, Support, and Growth: Join MakersPlace’s Artist Launchpad Program

MakersPlace introduces the exciting ‘Artist Launchpad Program.’ Significantly, to address common challenges faced by digital artists. Some of these include finding their target audience and navigating blockchain technology. Moreover, this program offers a range of benefits, including a supportive community hub. Plus, valuable tips and tricks to help participants enhance their presence in the world of digital art on the blockchain.

As part of its upcoming program, MakersPlace puts a strong emphasis on community building. One exciting aspect is the establishment of a dedicated Discord server. Here, digital artists can connect, share experiences, and engage with fellow artists. This social hub provides a platform for artists to offer and receive support, fostering a sense of shared inspiration and enabling them to embark on creative journeys together.

Furthermore, MakersPlace’s launchpad program recognizes the value of education. Markedly, they will curate monthly learning courses using Notion. Thus, providing digital artists with valuable techniques and strategies to thrive in the highly competitive market. By staying informed about industry trends and honing their skills, artists can increase their chances of achieving success and making a lasting impact.

To enhance the learning journey, the launchpad program will partner with ‘The Dream Conduit,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to providing mentorship, workshops, and classes. Through this collaboration, program participants will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance from industry professionals. By learning directly from successful artists in the field, artists can further enrich their skills and knowledge.

The MakersPlace Artist Launchpad Program empowers digital artists on their path to success in the Web3 world. If you’re interested in joining this creative journey, be sure to submit your application before June 9!


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