Stolen NFTs: Hackers Strike Blur, Stealing Rare Otherdeeds, Beans and Doodles!

Stolen NFTs: Hackers Strike Blur, Stealing Rare Otherdeeds, Beans and Doodles!

Hackers made off with several high-value stolen NFTs over the last 24 hours.


  • The stolen NFTs were all listed on Blur
  • They include pieces from Doodles, MetaHero, Milady Makers, and Otherdeeds
  • Hackers used phishing methods to steal the items
Sadly, stolen NFTs are nothing new in Web3
Hackers stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of NFTs over the last 24 hours
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How did hackers steal NFTs listed on Blur?

Apparently, the hackers phished unsuspecting NFT holders for their assets. Phishing is described as, “the fraudulent practice of sending emails or other messages purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.” Unfortunately, crypto provides an excellent hunting ground for this type of activity.

The problem with the principle of self-custody is that people actually need to self-custody their assets. This means that crypto holders need to practice excellent operation security– they can’t click links, interact with malicious contracts, or do any of other dangerous activities online. Hackers know that crypto users hold massively valuable digital assets, oftentimes on the same devices they use to browse the internet. Therefore, bad actors target them at an enormous scale.

This situation is an example of this sad reality. NFT holders clicked a link or approved a contract that gave hackers access to their wallets. After that, the hackers can easily and quickly drain the victims’ wallets of anything of value.

NFT holders are a favorite target of hackers
Hackers target NFT holders at a disproportionate rate
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What NFTs were stolen?

Hackers made off with 14 different NFTs in the last 24 hours. The assets were all listed on Blur. The NFTs included

  • MetaHero Core #24
  • Doodles #1501
  • Doodles #1504
  • Doodles #6853
  • Beanz #14446
  • Renga #2878
  • Renga #8658
  • Otherdeed #54551
  • Otherdeed #65611
  • Five different Milady Makers

Unfortunately, this will be the last time hackers steal valuable NFTs. Hopefully it acts as a call to action for everyone in Web3 to reexamine their habits and cut out anything that might be their hard-earned NFTs and crypto at risk.


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