Sorare’s Game-Changing Move: French National Gaming Authority Helps Create Framework for French Players

Sorare’s Game-Changing Move: French National Gaming Authority Helps Create Framework for French Players

Sorare NFT Fantasy game is adapting to French regulations by introducing an alternate entry method for players based in France. This temporary solution has been agreed upon by Sorare and the French National Gaming Authority (ANJ). It allows players in France to participate while the company navigates the regulatory landscape. 

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SoRare is adapting to French regulations.

What is the alternative entry method?

Sorare stated in a blog post that this solution is a short-term measure. The fantasy sports game will continue to develop its long-term roadmap and engage in ongoing regulatory discussions. The alternative entry method is now available for Sorare’s flagship category, Sorare: Football. It will be expanded to Sorare: MLB on May 26, 2023, followed by Sorare: NBA in the fall.

The decision to implement this alternative entry method stems from the French government’s plans to establish a more comprehensive regulatory framework for trading in-game assets. However, the existing framework does not adequately support games like Sorare, necessitating the company’s search for compliant solutions.

Sorare aims to build an inclusive ecosystem that brings together millions of sports fans and strengthens their connection with players, teams, and leagues. The recent development aligns with this vision.

A spokesperson from Sorare said that it will not impact the structure of Sorare’s core game or competition, or its cards. Thus, the core mechanics and competitive nature of Sorare’s game will remain unchanged. The introduction of the alternate entry method is solely meant to accommodate French players who do not own SoRare NFTs. It allows them to participate in Sorare tournaments.

SoRare NFTs facing regulations

This alternative entry method opens up access to Sorare for non-NFT owners in France. But it does come with certain restrictions. Players utilizing this method must verify their phone number and provide proof of residence. 

Once these requirements are met, Sorare will assign a team of randomly generated non-blockchain cards to the players. It’s important to note that users who opt for this method will not be able to simultaneously enter the game with a team composed of NFT-based cards during the same game week.

Sorare has previously faced pressure from French authorities to modify its rules to comply with gambling regulations in the country. In response, Sorare increased free access to its game in an effort to appease the ANJ, the French Gaming Authority.

These ongoing challenges have prompted the company to explore new solutions. As a matter of fact, the challenge is to keep a balance between regulatory compliance and providing an engaging experience for its users.

As the regulatory landscape surrounding in-game assets and NFTs continues to evolve, Sorare remains committed to adapting its operations to ensure compliance. Meanwhile, it intends to keep offering an enjoyable and inclusive gaming experience for sports fans. 

By collaborating with regulatory authorities, Sorare aims to contribute to the development of a sustainable and transparent ecosystem that benefits players, teams, and fans alike.


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