Rev Up Your Style: Limited Web3 Edition RACING SHOE5 Sneakers by Renault

Renault RACING SHOE5 are blazing through the web3 industry. The renowned automotive brand captivates sneaker enthusiasts and car lovers alike with its latest release. These exclusive collector’s edition sneakers are inspired by the iconic R5 Turbo. The digital collection will be available for purchase starting May 15, exclusively through Renault’s first virtual shop.

a picture of the Renault web3 vault with Racing Shoe5 and the r5 turbo car

Renault’s Second Web3 Initiative: The RACING SHOE5 Collection

Renault has spared no effort in creating a unique shopping experience for its customers. The online showroom is also a 3D immersive journey. It allows visitors to choose an avatar and explore the collection of RACING SHOE5 sneakers. With colors reminiscent of the R5 Turbo, the collection features six custom-made models. Five of these pay homage to the flagship R5 Turbo models, while the sixth design, developed in collaboration with the web3 R3NLT community, is a tribute to the R5 TURBO 3E show-car.

The physical pair of sneakers will be exclusively accessible through the RACING SHOE5 NFT mint on, and will be delivered with its NFT digital passport, stored in an NFC chip in the physical shoes’ tongue.

Every aspect of the RACING SHOE5 is carefully crafted to reflect the essence of the R5 Turbo. The rear inclination of the shoe mirrors the chassis of the car, while the interior draws inspiration from the upholstery. Even the laces pay tribute to the seat belts of the R5 Turbo. Explore 160 unique pairs, symbolizing the car’s impressive 160 horsepower.

Renault has taken innovation a step further by incorporating an NFC chip into the sneakers. By scanning the chip, owners gain access to the shoe’s NFT certificate of authenticity. This digital passport, stored on a blockchain, verifies the ownership and verifies the origin of the materials used in the manufacturing process. Moreover, all 960 pairs of sneakers are made with LWG (Leather Working Group) certified leather. This also goes in line with Renault’s commitment to sustainability.

Renault Immersive Virtual Experiences: What To Expect?

Renault aims to offer an unparalleled experience to its customers through the RACING SHOE5. By stepping into the brand’s first online shop dedicated to collector’s edition sneakers, enthusiasts can not only purchase these exclusive sneakers but also immerse themselves in a 3D world. Additionally, owners of the RACING SHOE5 have the opportunity to meet Renault designers at the Renault Research and Development Center.

The collection grants exclusive access to the online store to genR5 holders – Renault’s first NFT collection on May 15. The following day, the shop will open to those who signed up for early access, and on May 17, the general public will have the opportunity to purchase the RACING SHOE5 sneakers. Arnaud Belloni, the Global Marketing Director of Renault, emphasizes that the release of RACING SHOE5 signifies the unique relationship between the R3NLT program and the Renault brand.

Renault, a pioneer in electric vehicles in Europe, has always been at the forefront of automotive innovation. With its ambitious “Renaulution” strategic plan, the company is undergoing a transformation to create a more competitive, balanced, and electrified range of vehicles. The RACING SHOE5 serves as a testament to Renault’s dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering unique experiences to its customers.


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