Reddit NFT Community Soars: Nearly 10 Million Holders and Counting!

The NFT industry is witnessing a remarkable milestone as the Reddit NFT Community approaches an impressive milestone of 10 million holders! This noteworthy achievement highlights the growing acceptance and popularity of the collection since its inception in July 2022.


Since its introduction, Reddit Collectible Avatars have experienced a steady rise in prominence. Significantly, they have emerged as one of the largest and most recognizable NFT collections worldwide. They have a substantial market cap of $44.1 million and a staggering collection size of 13.7 million avatars.

Furthermore, this collection has consistently garnered attention and now boasts an impressive 9.9 million holders. Markedly, this is its highest number to date. Out of these holders, approximately 7.7 million are single collective avatar holders. Meaning, users who possess a single avatar without utilizing multiple wallet addresses.

The Reddit collectible avatar marketplace, hosted on Polygon, showcases NFTs created by independent artists and content creators within the Reddit community. Although the initial growth of the Reddit NFT community reached a plateau of around three million in November, there has been notable progress in 2023. Significantly, with the number of wallets tripling in the past six months.

Ultimately, the remarkable success of this collection shows the influential role that a major social media platform can have in shaping the NFT landscape. Plus, this achievement signals the lasting impact and appeal of the collection within the Reddit NFT community.


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