Quest, the virtual reality headset developed by Facebook-owned Oculus, has recently announced two major updates that will enhance the user experience. The first update allows game updates to be downloaded and installed even when the headset is turned off, while the second update adds support for WiFi 6E, the latest and fastest wireless standard.

The ability to download game updates during shutdown is a significant improvement for Quest users. Previously, users had to keep their headset turned on and connected to the internet to download and install updates. This was not only inconvenient but also drained the battery life of the device. With the new update, users can simply turn off their headset and the updates will be downloaded and installed automatically in the background. This means that users can now easily keep their games up-to-date without having to worry about battery life or interrupting their gameplay.

The second update, which adds support for WiFi 6E, is also a major improvement for Quest users. WiFi 6E is the latest wireless standard that offers faster speeds, lower latency, and better performance in crowded areas. With WiFi 6E support, Quest users can now enjoy a smoother and more reliable wireless connection, especially in areas with a lot of other wireless devices.

The addition of WiFi 6E support is particularly important for Quest Pro, a new version of the headset that is expected to be released later this year. Quest Pro is rumored to have several new features, including improved display resolution, eye-tracking technology, and a redesigned controller. With WiFi 6E support, Quest Pro users will be able to take full advantage of these new features and enjoy a more immersive virtual reality experience.

In conclusion, the recent updates to Quest are significant improvements that will enhance the user experience for both current and future users. The ability to download game updates during shutdown is a convenient feature that will save users time and battery life, while WiFi 6E support will provide faster and more reliable wireless connectivity. With these updates, Quest continues to be one of the leading virtual reality headsets on the market.


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