Play to Earn Gaming News Takes Center Stage!

Many experts are expecting Play to Earn games to dominate Web3 this summer. Memecoin season seems to be trending down, NFT volume is dwindling, and market participants are looking for the next big thing. Which projects are best positioned to take advantage?

Alien Worlds has more active users than any other play to earn NFT game.
Alien Worlds has an astounding 325k weekly active users
Image Credit: Alien Worlds

What are the Tp Play to Earn Games?

Play to Earn games already have a surprising amount of daily active users. Here is a list of the top ten Play to Earn games by active players.

Alien Worlds: 325k active users

Alien Worlds is free to play and runs on the WAX blockchain. Launched in late 2020, it’s one of the earliest play-to-earn games still running today. Players can mine land plots to earn Trillium, the game’s native token. Additionally, players can produce passive income by owning the land plots themselves represented by NFTs.

Pixels: 126k active users

Pixels is a pixelated farm game on Polygon. Players can earn $BERRY by planting seeds, harvesting crops, and tending to digital farms. It is free to play, but buying the NFT version of farms in the game allows for additional, more passive income.

Iskra: 96k active users

Iskra is more of a gaming platform than just one game. It offers various tools to help developers connect with consumers, a decentralized exchange, and wallet services. So far, it has one out of six planned games ready to play. This game, Three Kingdoms Multiverse, has been downloaded over 10,000 times and allows participants to earn various tokens and NFTs.

Splinterlands: 94k active users

Spinterlands runs on the Hive blockchain and offers a low (but not free) entry price of $10 to play. It is an auto-battler card game in which the cards can be traded as NFTs. Splinterlands features a robust ecosystem with tournaments, leaderboards, and various recurring challenges to help keep its player base engaged.

Farmers World: 91k active users

Farmers World is a decentralized farming game that runs on the WAX blockchain. Unlike other P2E games, Farmers World requires a minimum of $500 to get started. It is a relatively complex game with dozens of digital assets available and various approaches available to players.

Superwalk: 59k active users

Superwalk is a “move to earn” game that rewards users with the $GRND token for walking or running. It’s free to get started earning $GRND by downloading the Superwalk app. Later on, players can use $GRND to purchase digital sneakers that gamify the experience and even earn physical sneakers from Kream.

Upland: 59k active users

Upland is a free-to-play city-building game available on iOS, Android, and the Web. Players can earn $UPX by owning properties in Upland. After that, they can customize buildings and even open metaverse stores.

Planet IX: 46k active users

Planet IX is a multiplayer game on Polygon. It’s a story-based game about repairing a devastated world.  Players stake NFTs to rebuild Planet IX, and in the process, earn passive income.

Axie Infinity: 32k active users

Perhaps the best-known Play to Earn game ever, Axie Infinity continues to be popular today. The game focuses on breeding and battling cartoon animals called Axies. Players earn by completing daily challenges, owning land, and battling with NFTs. The game was a huge success story in the 2021 bull market and looks to repeat that success in the next cycle.

Axie Infinity shocked many people with its run during the 2021 bull market
Axie Infinity captured the attention of Web3 during the 2021 bull run
Image Credit: Axie Infinity

SecondLive: 27k active users

SecondLive is a “create-to-earn open Metaverse where web3 inhabitants gather…to facilitate self-expression,
unleash creativity and build a dreaming parallel universe.”  It runs on the Binance Smart Chain and rewards participants for going to virtual concerts, events, etc.

What Does the Future Look Like for Play to Earn Games?

Gaming seems like the perfect use case for NFT technology. The idea of owning digital assets is nothing new for gamers. Rare skins and in-game items already sell for large amounts of money in PC and console games, after all.  Finally, it seems exceedingly likely that NFTs will unlock the full potential for gamers to finally own their hard-earned digital assets.


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