Pimax Crystal Begins Shipping, However, Significant Features are Absent

Pimax, a Chinese virtual reality (VR) company, has recently begun shipping its latest VR headset, the Pimax Crystal. The Pimax Crystal is the company’s latest addition to its line of VR headsets, and it boasts several impressive features that make it stand out from its competitors. However, despite the excitement surrounding the release of the Pimax Crystal, there are some significant features that are absent from the device.

One of the most notable features missing from the Pimax Crystal is eye-tracking technology. Eye-tracking technology is a crucial feature for VR headsets as it allows for more natural and intuitive interactions with virtual environments. With eye-tracking technology, users can control their virtual environment simply by looking at objects or areas they want to interact with. This feature is particularly useful for gaming and other interactive experiences, as it allows for more immersive gameplay.

Another significant feature missing from the Pimax Crystal is wireless connectivity. While the device does come with a cable that connects to a PC, it does not have the option for wireless connectivity. This means that users will need to be tethered to their PC while using the headset, which can be limiting and cumbersome.

Despite these missing features, the Pimax Crystal still has several impressive features that make it a compelling option for VR enthusiasts. The device boasts a 200-degree field of view, which is significantly wider than most other VR headsets on the market. This wider field of view allows for a more immersive experience and helps to reduce motion sickness.

The Pimax Crystal also has a high-resolution display, with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels per eye. This high resolution helps to reduce the screen door effect, which is a common issue with VR headsets where users can see the individual pixels on the display.

In conclusion, while the Pimax Crystal is an exciting addition to the VR headset market, it is important to note that some significant features are absent from the device. The lack of eye-tracking technology and wireless connectivity may be a deal-breaker for some users, but the device’s wider field of view and high-resolution display make it a compelling option for VR enthusiasts. As with any new technology, it will be interesting to see how Pimax continues to innovate and improve upon its VR headset offerings in the future.


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