Own a Piece of The Wolf of Wall Street With LALA Digital Collectibles!

Digital collectibles now allow you to own a piece of revenue from the most popular movies and TV shows! On June 20th, the LALA NFT marketplace will drop a Wolf of Wall Street collection offering fans a percentage of the blockbuster’s revenue stream. Furthermore, minters will benefit from exclusive digital and real-life perks in the long run!

digital poster of the LALA Wolf of Wall Street digital collectibles drop
The LALA NFT marketplace drops its debut digital collectibles on June 20th, offering a percentage of the Wolf of Wall Street revenue stream.

LALA x Wolf of Wall Street: What do the Digital Collectibles Offer?

What if you could own part of the most iconic blockbusters of the century? This summer, the LALA marketplace makes its NFT debut with a Wolf of Wall Street collection that offers just that.

Starting June 20th, the platform’s community members will gain access to the dedicated NFT drop. Each NFT offers a percentage of the independent film’s revenue. In fact, minters can choose between three types of digital collectibles:

  • General Release: access to behind-the-scenes content, one merch item, and the WOWS community;
  • Limited Edition: exclusive insights into WOWS content, two merch items, and a surprise perk;
  • Director’s Cut: all of the above and two surprise perks.

In addition, each type of NFT offers a different percentage of the movie’s revenue stream. This unique concept celebrates Wolf of Wall Street’s 10-year anniversary while fostering a web3 fans community.

Of course, the launch is also a great example of LALA’s innovative technology and its potential.

screenshot of Wolf of Wall Street NFTs by the LALA Marketplace
The LALA community can choose between multiple digital collectibles, each with its own perks.

What Is the LALA NFT Marketplace?

Founded in 2022, LALA is a Web3 platform dedicated to offering fans ownership over movies, TV shows, and other visual entertainment forms. The concept is simple, yet powerful. With the LALA collection, fans can now share in the revenue generated from the takedown of IP infringements. These takedowns effectively remove any unauthorized copies or uses of copyrighted materials from public access. Therefore, safeguarding the intellectual property of films. LALA is pioneering a groundbreaking approach by collaborating with IP owners, starting with The Wolf of Wall Street, to establish a unique revenue stream that benefits the fan community and preserves the value of the film.

“I’ve witnessed how Web3 has opened avenues for people to connect with major brands and IP like never before and wanted to expand these opportunities to film and TV,” says LALA’s lead investor Alexis Ohanian.

In conclusion, Wolf of Wall Street is the first of many similar drops to come – and this concept might revolutionize how fans interact with their favorite motion pictures.


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