OneOf and Globe Entertainment Release Rare Marilyn Monroe Prints as NFTs

OneOf and Globe Entertainment have revealed a collection of rare Marilyn Monroe prints! Significantly, they will release them as NFTs. These captivating NFTs feature vintage 8″ by 10″ photographs of the iconic actress. With limited availability, these NFTs offer collectors a unique opportunity to own a piece of Marilyn Monroe’s legacy in the digital realm. Let’s dive in!

One of the Marilyn Monroe Prints available
Digital Certificates and NFC Tags Ensure Genuine Marilyn Monroe Collectibles.

Own a Piece of Marilyn Monroe History With Exclusive Vintage Prints

Globe and OneOf have joined forces to bring you an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of Marilyn Monroe history. Together, they are offering 40 unique vintage 8″ by 10″ photographs of the iconic actress from the renowned Kim Goodwin Archive. Excitingly, they will release them as NFTs.

Goodwin’s collection includes rare photographs captured by world-renowned photographers. Markedly, the prints capture the mesmerizing beauty of Marilyn Monroe. Additionally, some of the photographs still have the original negatives attached, preserving the authenticity and charm of Goodwin’s collection.

When you purchase one of these remarkable photographs, you’ll receive a digital certificate of authenticity (DCOA) that guarantees the genuineness of your physical item. Furthermore, an NFC tag is attached to the back of each Marilyn Monroe print. Simply scan the tag with your smartphone’s default web browser to display your digital certificate of authenticity.

So, how can we get hold of one of the Marilyn Monroe prints? The onepass pre-sale begins on May 9th and starts at $199. This pre-sale offers prints numbered 1-20 to early buyers. After that, the OneOf community pre-sale begins on May 11th. Priced at $250, this pre-sale is an opportunity for the OneOf community to acquire prints numbered 21-40. Finally, the main sale is open to all to purchase the remaining available Marilyn Monroe prints. It will commence on May 18th with a retail value price of $300.


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