Non-Fungible Takeoff: ANA Launches Aviation NFT Marketplace

Non-Fungible Takeoff: ANA Launches Aviation NFT Marketplace

Venturing into the uncharted skies of web3, All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s premier airline, has made a bold move. On May 30, ANA announced the inception of ANA GranWhale NFT, an aviation-themed NFT marketplace. 


  • ANA, Japan’s premier airline, ventures into web3 with the launch of ANA GranWhale NFT, an aviation-themed NFT marketplace.
  • The pioneer collection features aerial photographs by Luke Ozawa, with 6 exclusive NFTs bundled with the original film. Auction starts at 100,000 yen ($715).
  • ANA will expand its NFT presence with a second collection. It showcases NFT representations of its inaugural Boeing 787 aircraft as 3D models, priced at 7,870 yen each.
An image illustrating the new NFT Marketplace launched by ANA.
ANA Airlines launched its NFT Marketplace.

Aviation NFTs for the Fans

The pioneer collection features the work of Luke Ozawa, a celebrated aerial photographer. The artist minted 6 exclusive aviation NFTs that will be bundled with the original positive film used for the photo’s development. The auction for this distinct offering is set to start at 100,000 yen ($715).

Additionally, ANA will launch a second product from June 7.  NFTs of two digital 3D airplanes including the specially painted Boeing 787. It presents a view of the plane ANA introduced in 2011, as well as the initially proposed design for the inaugural aircraft. 

With 1,574 items available and each priced at 7,870 yen, ANA is set to further strengthen its footprint in the NFT space.

What is ANA GranWhale Virtual Travel Platform?

The initiative started in August 2022, when ANA NEO, a subsidiary of ANA, introduced the ANA GranWhale virtual travel platform. Mitsuo Tomito, President of ANA NEO, explained that the name represents the dreams and memories of ANA’s global customers over 70 years.

ANA GranWhale is presented as a “metaverse travel service”. Using virtual reality (VR), it recreates global destinations and cultures. Thus transporting the airline customers to remote places.

The platform encompasses three distinct services. Customers can explore virtual places such as Sky Park, a travel-themed park space, and Sky Mall, a shopping arena. Furthermore, they can also discover Sky Village, a visionary urban space inspired by the cities of the future.

The launch of the NFT marketplace is the latest development. It is part of a broader trend in the aviation sector. For instance, un July 2022, airBaltic, a Latvian airline, launched its second aviation NFT collection, ‘Planies,’ offering loyalty benefits to holders.

Therefore, such developments underscore the increasing significance of web3 technologies in enhancing customer engagement and loyalty in the aviation industry.


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