Nike’s NFT Sneakers Fly Off the Digital Shelves

Nike’s NFT Sneakers Fly Off the Digital Shelves

Nike has launched its inaugural NFT sneaker sale, dubbed “General Access,” on its dedicated .SWOOSH Web3 platform. The exclusive “First Access” sales event commenced on May 15, exclusively catering to .SWOOSH community members.

Priced at $19.82 each, the drop symbolizes the Air Force 1’s debut year. But the NFTs didn’t experience the usual rapid sell-out typical of highly sought-after sneaker releases. Nevertheless, Nike managed to sell more than 71,000 out of the available 106,453 “Our Force 1s” NFTs, generating over $1 million in revenue.


  • Nike’s inaugural NFT sneaker sale on .SWOOSH platform sells over 71,000 “Our Force 1s” NFTs, generating $1 million.
  • Holders of OF1 boxes will enjoy additional benefits, including access to exclusive physical products and experiences.
  • Nike’s .SWOOSH platform boasts a membership count of over 330,000 individuals.

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Nike OUR Force 1’s: The NFT Sneaker Pinnacle?

In February, Nike announced that four virtual shoe concepts proposed by .Swoosh members were chosen to be included in the OF1 release. Subsequently, Nike’s designers collaborated with these community members to transform their designs into tangible assets on the blockchain. The fan-created designs are randomly distributed across both varieties of boxes.

Initially scheduled for May 8, the First Access sale encountered delays due to technical glitches and overwhelming site traffic. .SWOOSH acknowledged the need for additional time, pushing the launch further. This is to ensure a seamless user experience. They then took to Twitter to convey the message. Despite their efforts, they still did not reach the goal of a glitch-free experience. The high volume of site visitors caused frequent crashes during the First Access sale, resulting in a prolonged minting process.

Consequently, Nike extended the First Access sale until May 16 owing to these technical difficulties. These complications led to slower-than-anticipated sales, leaving approximately 83,000 NFTs still available by May 22.

How Nike Turned the .SWOOSH NFT Sale Around

On May 25, Nike hailed the sale as a triumph through a Twitter announcement, revealing that they had successfully sold more than 55,000 OF1 boxes to 30,000 unique purchasers.

Despite the technical setbacks, Nike’s inaugural .SWOOSH release has proven to be a success. This debut launch highlights consumers’ enduring fascination with NFTs. The evident high demand for digital assets within the sneaker domain necessitates Nike’s improvement of its system to handle the overwhelming website traffic.

The success of the second time launch comes at a price, though. This is because customers had higher expectations based on Nike’s SNKRS app. This app effectively manages a large influx of visitors during limited edition releases.

The overwhelming enthusiasm arpimd Nike’s first-ever NFT sneaker launch demonstrates the untapped potential for brands within the digital and metaverse realms. Furthermore, it emphasizes how Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT solidifies its standing among traditional brands venturing into the Web3 space. With .SWOOSH, Nike garners immense respect within the Web3 community.

Nike has reported a current membership count of more than 330,000 individuals registered on the .Swoosh platform. Joining the platform is open to anyone without any associated costs. The specific information regarding the virtual shoe models that participants will receive has deliberately been kept ambiguous.

Nike states that in the coming times, the OF1 boxes provide holders with added functionalities and advantages. These benefits encompass exclusive physical merchandise and unique experiences accessible to the box owners.



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