My Neighbor Alice and ELLE Join Forces: Fashion Meets Gaming in Immersive Partnership

My Neighbor Alice and ELLE Join Forces: Fashion Meets Gaming in Immersive Partnership

My Neighbor Alice has announced a partnership with leading fashion brand ELLE to create an immersive gaming experience. Here’s everything you need to know.

Still from My Neighbor Alice
My Neighbor Alice x ELLE

My Neighbor Alice Joins Forces With ELLE

Get ready for an extraordinary partnership as My Neighbor Alice (MNA) and leading fashion brand ELLE join forces to deliver a gaming experience like no other. This collaboration showcases MNA’s ability to seamlessly integrate brands into its gaming universe. In addition, it sets the stage for future industry collaborations.

In this fusion of fashion, lifestyle, and gaming, ELLE becomes an integral part of the game. She takes on the role of a neighbor with designated plots carefully placed across active regions in My Neighbor Alice. Additionally, you’ll find ELLE plots thoughtfully placed near the bustling Town Hub in regions such as Rusty Pikes, Tourney Wolds, Pioneer Point, Shaded Headland, and Gloomy Gulch.

Significantly, to fuel player engagement and excitement, curated quests have been introduced. These quests enable gamers to unlock exclusive ELLE-branded items with a delightful Alice twist. Seamlessly integrated into the existing quest system, these missions can be undertaken at the ELLE Café, which can be found within the ELLE plot. Therefore, take on on these quests and earn coveted ELLE-themed items, enriching your in-game inventory and style.

The Excitement Continues!

The excitement doesn’t stop there! As part of this collaboration, My Neighbor Alice and ELLE unveil two limited collections of NFTs: Mots d’Amour and the Wonder Collection, both inspired by real-life ELLE creations. The Mots d’Amour collection will be available for purchase on the OpenSea marketplace, while the Wonder Collection can only be crafted within the game, adding an element of exclusivity and adventure.

Prepare to dive into three distinct collections within this innovative partnership: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each collection boasts a treasure trove of unique and highly desired clothing items that will elevate your in-game fashion sense. Additionally, buyers of the ELLE NFT collections will have an opportunity to receive exclusive NFTs through an airdrop system, expanding your collection and unlocking hidden gems that are sure to impress.

To conclude, the collaboration between My Neighbor Alice and ELLE ushers in a revolutionary blend of fashion, lifestyle, and gaming. Thus, get ready to immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience where ELLE seamlessly integrates into the vibrant world of My Neighbor Alice.

What is My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands,
collect and build exciting items and meet new friends. Inspired by successful games, such as
Animal Crossing, the game combines the best of the two worlds – a fun narrative for regular
players who want to enjoy the gameplay experience as well as an ecosystem for players who
want to collect and trade NFTs, even if they have no idea what an NFT is.

What is ELLE

ELLE is the world’s biggest-selling fashion magazine. In addition, it is the international authority on style, with 44 print editions worldwide and 37 websites. Launched in 1985, ELLE UK’s print publication, now edited by Kenya Hunt, has unparalleled access to world-renowned designers, celebrities, models, photographers, writers, columnists, and stylists.


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