Monaco Grand Prix Goes Digital: Formula 1 Introduces NFT Tickets

Monaco Grand Prix Goes Digital: Formula 1 Introduces NFT Tickets

The recent Monaco Grand Prix introduced racing fans to a new experience through the introduction of Formula 1 NFT tickets. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Formula 1 introduced NFT tickets at the Monaco Grand Prix.
  • The collaboration between Elemint and Bary made it possible to create, mint, and offer these NFT tickets to fans.
  • NFT ticketing is the future of event ticketing, with transparency, traceability, and personalization enhancing engagement for fans worldwide.
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Monaco Grand Formula 1 Introduces NFT Tickets

Formula 1 Introduces NFT Tickets

The Monaco Grand Prix became a hotbed of excitement for Formula 1 fans this past weekend, but it was more than just a race. Platinium Group, the ticket provider for this event, brought a dose of innovation by introducing Formula 1 NFT tickets. Thus, marking a shift towards digital experiences.

This event was made possible through a collaboration between Elemint, a blockchain infrastructure company, and Bary, a Web3 agency. Together, they forged a path to create, mint, and offer these NFT tickets to fans.

The organizers minted the tickets on the Ethereum sidechain Polygon, giving holders direct access to the race. However, the Formula 1 NFTs value went beyond that moment. Additionally, NFT ticket holders were also entitled to exclusive perks, including hospitality benefits and future race discounts. This move cleverly aimed to nurture brand loyalty among fans.

Moreover, the introduction of NFT tickets brought forth a host of unique features. Transparency, traceability, personalization, and the convenience of digital ticketing created an engaging experience. Given the vast global fanbase of Formula 1, ensuring perfect onboarding was a crucial aspect of this Formula 1 NFT ticketing event.

“Web3 technologies enable the design of ticketing solutions that are not only more secure but also tailored to the specificities of each event. This enhances personalization and creates a fun-filled experience for fans across all types of sports competitions,” explained Jacques-Henri Eyraud, CEO of Elemint.

The Future of Event Ticketing Transformed by NFTs

The adoption of NFTs in the ticketing industry has gained momentum. It comes as no surprise given the advantages offered by blockchain technology. The movement is already in full swing, with examples like Sports Illustrated using NFT tickets earlier this year on the Polygon network, paving the way for a new era in sports event ticketing.

Experts within the industry have voiced their support for the immense potential of NFT event ticketing. They firmly believe that we have only begun to explore what this can achieve, painting a vibrant future ahead. Undoubtedly, we are witnessing a digital transformation in event ticketing, with NFTs leading this revolution.

It’s truly a pleasure to witness the joining of NFTs and Formula 1 unfold during the Monaco Grand Prix, as fans embrace a fresh perspective on their race experience.


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