Mobox goes cross-chain with MoDragons: Unleash the power of NFT dragons on the Arbitrum chain!

Mobox goes cross-chain with MoDragons: Unleash the power of NFT dragons on the Arbitrum chain!

Mobox, a multi-chain gaming platform, has expanded its reach to the Arbitrum chain through its newest addition, MoDragons. It is the first app in the Mobox ecosystem to have been launched on Arbitrum. Let’s dive into this new project!


  • Mobox, a multi-chain gaming platform, has extended its reach to the Arbitrum chain with the launch of MoDragons, a dragon-collecting and breeding simulation game, marking a significant step in the platform’s cross-chain expansion efforts.
  • MoDragons, as unique NFTs, contribute to the platform’s ecosystem through their mining efficiency and ability to breed, adding to the total collection power known as DragonMo Power, which aids in pre-mining.
  • With its growing user base, regular updates, and engaging gameplay, Mobox is establishing itself as a major player in the gaming metaverse market, offering opportunities for players to earn MBOX tokens through various mechanisms, including a recent material buyback system.
An illustration for the MoDragons game.
MoDragon is the first app in the Mobox world to exist on Arbitrum.

Mobox MoDragons, Not Your Average Digital Creatures

In the fast-paced world of blockchain gaming, a new player has emerged: MoDragons. Unveiled just last week, these unique digital creatures marked the commencement of a captivating collection and breeding competition.

Mobox MoDragons are not your average digital creatures. Each one possesses a unique set of attributes – quality, potential, star level, and level – all of which dictate their mining efficiency. Therefore, the better the attribute, the more efficient the dragon is at mining, creating a highly competitive environment for players.

Mobox has also introduced daily and weekly leaderboards. Points are allocated based on the enhancements and upgrades players make to their dragons, thereby fostering an active and engaged community.

Additionally, each dragon can breed up to seven times, and the offspring contribute to the total collection power, otherwise known as DragonMo Power. This power is an integral part of the pre-mining mechanism within the game.

What is Mobox?

Initially a defi system, Mobox has swiftly transformed into a multifaceted gaming platform. Today, it offers a variety of games, each integrating play-to-earn elements. Moreover, this transformation has given rise to an expanding virtual world, aptly named the MOMOverse.

Yet, Mobox’s offerings extend beyond MoDragons. This dynamic platform consistently enhances its gameplay by introducing updates and new mechanics. For instance, a recent update dubbed the Dawn Launch has proven to be a game-changer for players. Now, players can earn MBOX tokens for materials and even exchange mined and crafted materials for MBOX tokens daily, thanks to the material buyback system.

Mobox ranks among the most active games on the Binance Smart Chain, boasting a user base of over 98,000 and continually growing. Its simple mining mechanism, combined with engaging gameplay, has solidified its popularity among gamers in the metaverse market.

For those interested in starting a MoDragon collection, the initial cost for the least expensive dragons is over 0.3 ETH. However, as more dragons are bred, the price may undergo a downward adjustment. This dynamic pricing structure also adds an extra layer of strategy to the game.

In conclusion, both MoDragons and Mobox are making considerable strides in the blockchain gaming world. With its innovative gameplay, Mobox has firmly established itself as a leader in the gaming metaverse market.


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