Mirandus: Crafting, Farming, and Epic Hunts Await in Gala Games’ Web3 MMORPG

Gala Games is all geared up to take Web3 gaming to the stratosphere! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey like no other, with its highly anticipated MMORPG title: “Mirandus“. With its immersive world, player-driven mechanics, and boundless possibilities, Mirandus is set to captivate gamers seeking a realm of limitless adventure and unrivaled ownership of in-game assets. Let’s take a little deep dive into what this game has to offer!

A screenshot from Gala Games' web3 gaming project Mirandus!

Mirandus: The New Web3 Gaming Frontier?

Mirandus is an upcoming MMORPG web3 game developed by Gala Games. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world. Further, it offers a first-person perspective and a minimalist visual style. In the game, players engage in relaxing farming and crafting activities within the citadel walls. Meanwhile they may also venture outside to face dangerous creatures like goblins and wolves.

What’s unique about Mirandus is that players have complete freedom of choice. There are no predefined maps or quest givers. They embark on solitary journeys into the untamed wilderness, face formidable monsters dwelling in deep forests and dungeons. Alternatively, they can also align themselves with one of the realm’s monarchs and serve as knights in their courts. Or, perhaps establish their presence in one of the five majestic citadels.

Mirandus is a world of exclusivity, reserved for the most skilled warriors, crafters, and explorers. Players assume the roles of Exemplars, each endowed with unique abilities that aid them in their exploration and unraveling of Mirandus’ mysteries.

Mirandus incorporates crypto elements, offering a wide range of NFTs that tokenize various aspects of the game. Gala Games has already introduced NFTs for playable characters, horse mounts, buildings, boats, and more. These NFTs are listed on the OpenSea marketplace, with over 196,000 different Mirandus NFTs available. Moreover, the game has generated significant trading volume, with over 16,900 ETH (approximately $31 million) traded.

Gala Games Revolutionizes the Ownership Aspect of Web3 Gaming

The concept of player ownership plays a central role in Mirandus. In-game assets can be owned by players, and they can possess land deeds that grant them the rights to claim portions of the wilderness and establish their own strongholds, ranging from humble farms to sprawling cities.

Venturing into Mirandus carries significant risks, but the potential rewards are equally substantial. The realm is abundant in Materium, an arcane substance of immense power. Additionally, players can harness its magic to cast spells, create extraordinary objects through crafting, and even resurrect fallen heroes.

Another notable aspect of Mirandus is that it lacks non-playable characters (NPCs). Instead, players must rely on defeating monsters and animals to acquire resources for crafting weapons, outfits, and gear. The success of the game also hinges on attracting a large player base to create an immersive and enjoyable world. Therefore, Gala Games introduces challenging team-based boss fights to appeal to traditional MMORPG fans.

Finally, Mirandus has the potential to attract a diverse player base, appealing not only to traditional MMORPG fans but also to enthusiasts of games like Minecraft and Animal Crossing. The game presents strategic gameplay opportunities for players to explore and develop.


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