Magic Eden Launches Chapter 2: Here’s All You Need to Know

Magic Eden Launches Chapter 2: Here’s All You Need to Know

Multi-chain NFT marketplace Magic Eden is undergoing a transformation, launching an array of innovative features. Termed the “Chapter II Initiative,” this evolution highlights a greater emphasis on Solana, featuring a dedicated NFT aggregator for the blockchain. Let’s delve into the unveiled novelties set to reshape this platform.

An illustration for Magic Eden's new Aggregation feature.
Magic Eden aims to refocus on Solana.

What will change on Magic Eden?

The main novelty is the Magic Eden Solana Aggregator, an innovative tool designed to optimize trading experiences. More specifically, it will aggregate listings from multiple Solana NFT platforms. Consequently, users will now be able to seamlessly navigate and manage listings across various marketplaces.

Moreover, they will be able to update all their listings and have immediate access to accurate, real-time floor prices and collection statistics. This enhanced accessibility empowers users to make informed decisions swiftly.

Furthermore, the platform will soon open-source its marketplace smart contract. Moreover, the marketplace will remove a “co-sign” feature. As a matter of fact, it prevented its own marketplace listings from being easily aggregated by other NFT marketplaces.

A limited-time offer

To celebrate these advancements, Magic Eden is offering a limited-time promotion of a -0.25% maker fee. This incentive allows users to earn SOL when they buy or sell on the marketplace.

The NFT marketplace is now compatible with numerous blockchains. But it was said recently that it would return its primary focus to Solana.

This move could be a reaction to the rise of a major competitor, Tensor. Dubbed a “pro” marketplace, it was launched in 2022. In April, it topped the Solana NFT Space for the first time, surpassing Magic Eden.


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