Luxury Fashion and Web3: 9dcc x Stapleverse Collaboration

Luxury Fashion and Web3: 9dcc x Stapleverse Collaboration

The crypto-native luxury house, 9dcc, founded by gmoney, has teamed up with Stapleverse to launch a Web3 fashion collaboration. Together, the the web3 platform created by streetwear pioneer Jeff Staple, and 9dcc, are changing the face of fashion. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • 9dcc and Stapleverse have partnered to create a Web3 fashion collaboration. Together, they will launch the 9dcc x Stapleverse Limited Edition Baseball Cap during Paris Fashion Week: Men’s.
  • The collaboration brings together Jeff Staple and gmoney, who have both revolutionized their industries with contributions to street culture and Web3 technology.
  • The limited edition baseball cap merges luxury fashion with digital collectibles. It features 9dcc Networked Product™ technology, an embedded NFC chip, and a digital twin NFT. A chat between gmoney and Jeff Staple will mark the launch during Paris Fashion Week.
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9dcc x Stapleverse Collaborate to Bring Web3 Fashion

Web3 Fashion: 9dcc x Stapleverse

A new joint venture between 9dcc and Stapleverse is introducing a new product that merges luxury fashion and Web3 technology. Prepare yourself for the grand debut of the 9dcc x Stapleverse Limited Edition Baseball Cap during Paris Fashion Week: Men’s.

Significantly, the partnership brings together two visionaries who have revolutionized their industries. Moreover, Jeff Staple, the genius behind Staple Pigeons is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of street culture. Now, with Stapleverse, Jeff explores the possibilities of web3 and the integration of Web3 technology with fashion and culture.

On the other hand, gmoney, the founder behind 9dcc and Admit One, has been key in driving the mainstream adoption of Web3 technology. With contributions to the world of NFTs and luxury fashion, gmoney has changed the industry through the creation of 9dcc. Notably, his Admit One community has become an exciting network that values thought leadership, authenticity, and shared experiences.

The 9dcc x Stapleverse collaboration introduces a limited edition luxury baseball cap that blends streetwear fashion with digital collectibles and Web3. Furthermore, the design boasts metal hardware, a specially created embroidered pigeon illustration symbolizing the collaboration, and a luxury look. With only 250 pieces available, this release will be in demand.

An Innovative and Pioneering Collaboration

The use of 9dcc Networked Product™ technology sets this baseball cap apart. Featuring an NFC chip, the cap offers interactive experiences within the 9dcc ecosystem. This includes gamification, POAPs, and rewarding Web3 experiences. As a bonus, each cap comes with a digital twin NFT. This allows people to display their digital collectibles on their Stapleverse SAPIENZ avatar.

To celebrate the launch, gmoney and Jeff Staple will engage in a discussion at the Staple PFW Showroom in Paris. Finally, this discussion is happening at 3 pm CEST and it promises to create a memorable occasion.


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