Level Up Your Web3 Game Marketing with Xsolla Drops

Level Up Your Web3 Game Marketing with Xsolla Drops

Xsolla has announced the launch of a new Web3 Game Marketing tool called Xsolla Drops! Significantly, it is designed to augment their existing Xsolla Partner Network solution. This exciting development aims to provide game developers and publishers with enhanced marketing support to drive user acquisition and incremental sales. Let’s take a closer look!

Personalized Experiences Made Easy: Xsolla Drops Empowers Web3 Game Developers
Personalized Experiences Made Easy: Xsolla Drops Empowers Web3 Game Developers.

Xsolla Drops: Unlocking New Marketing Capabilities for Web3 Game Developers

Xsolla, the global video game commerce company, has already established itself as an efficient solution for creating and scaling performance-based influencer and affiliate programs. Now, with the introduction of Xsolla Drops, web3 game developers have an additional layer of marketing capabilities at their disposal. This new tool streamlines the promotion of digital items. Markedly, these include virtual currencies, skins, NFTs, game keys, and premium subscriptions.

Alexander Menshikov, Business Head at Xsolla, expressed enthusiasm about the benefits that Drops brings to web3 game developers and publishers. “Drops gives game developers and publishers the ability to build and reward their gaming audience easily,” he said. “We are helping game developers reward their fans, explore new user acquisition methods, and strengthen long-term engagement with a game’s current player base by offering exclusive in-game items and unique experiences.”

Furthermore, Drops empowers web3 developers to create game-specific campaigns targeting specific audiences. Thus, providing a personalized experience through custom landing pages. Essentially, what sets Drops apart is its simplicity, as no coding is required. This allows developers to focus on crafting engaging campaigns and delivering valuable experiences to players.

In an industry where user acquisition costs continue to rise, Xsolla Drops offers a multi-tiered campaign approach. By bringing back the excitement of web3 game discovery for players, this tool creates inherent value for creators while raising a game’s overall brand awareness.

Plus, early adopters of Xsolla Drops have seen remarkable results. For example, SprintGP, owned by Scott Robinson, witnessed impressive growth after running a Drops campaign. “We doubled our user base in less than 24 hours and saw a 300% increase in website traffic,” said Robinson. “We highly recommend Xsolla’s Drops tool to any game developer looking for new ways to drive user acquisition and engagement.”



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