It’s Pride Month! Spotlight on LGBTIQA+ NFT Creators

It’s Pride Month! Spotlight on LGBTIQA+ NFT Creators

Happy Pride Month! While the NFT industry has been praised for fostering inclusivity and providing opportunities for artists from diverse backgrounds, including the LGBTQIA+ community, there is always room for improvement. As a community, we are responsible for creating a welcoming environment where all voices can thrive. So, let’s take a closer look at some LGBTQIA+ NFT creators, communities, and events that are taking place in 2023. Together, let’s celebrate and support the vibrant and diverse talent within our community!

Celebrating LGBTQIA+ NFT Artists: Spotlight on JF Larouche and Galactic Gaylords
Celebrating LGBTQIA+ NFT Artists: Meet JF Larouche and Galactic Gaylords. Image: Galactic Gaylords


JF Larouche

JF Larouche is the lead artist and co-founder of LGBTQIA+ NFT project, Galactic Gaylords. Galactic Gaylords is a boldly queer collectibles project that embraces personal identity. Additionally, it celebrates the uniqueness of individuals who have experienced a sense of not belonging. With a collection of 10,000 collectibles, it strives to create a space where everyone can proudly and unapologetically express themselves.

In addition, JF Larouche takes the lead in several notable interactive art projects that actively bridge the divide between the physical and digital realms. At the core of their work lies a deep commitment to being a queer artist. Ultimately, their art serves as a powerful representation of their connection to the queer community.


Meet Jessie, the talented queer co-founder and lead artist behind The Melancholy Monsters Club NFT project. Back in 2012, Jessie created the original artwork as a small comic featuring two lovable monsters, setting the foundation for the project’s captivating journey. Notably, the NFT project is proudly 100% LGBTQIA+ owned and operated. Thus, embodying inclusivity at its core.

Beyond their artistic contributions, Jessie brings over 11 years of experience in providing direct mental health support to underserved communities. Here, there is a particular focus on the LGBTQIA+ community. Moreover, their dedication to promoting mental well-being and creating safe spaces makes a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

Embracing Authenticity: Deanna Pipes' Journey as a Queer Artist
Embracing Authenticity: Deanna Pipes’ Journey as a Queer Artist. Image: Deanna Pipes

Deanna Pipes

Deanna is a proud lesbian woman who embraced her true self at the age of 28 and has never looked back! She holds a deep passion for supporting all individuals and firmly believes in the “live and let live” mentality, advocating for freedom and the right to live authentically.

Photography has been one of Deanna’s cherished hobbies for many years. It serves as a creative outlet that brings her immense joy and tranquility. Moreover, immersing herself in the NFT community and being surrounded by fellow creatives has inspired her to refine her craft continuously. With a strong belief in using the NFT space for positive impact, Deanna finds joy in supporting artists and recognizing the empowerment this technology has given them.

LGBTQIA+ NFT Communities

Not Your Bro

Not Your Bro is a collection of 10,000 NFTs aims to challenge the male-dominated NFT space and give representation to women and the LGBTQIA+ community. Taking their commitment further, this all-women-led project is using NFTs for a good cause. In fact, their dedication to supporting nonprofits and creating awareness earned them the prestigious Most Impactful Charity NFT Project award at the 2022 NFT NYC Awards.

Queer Friends NFT
Queer Friends: Amplifying Voices and Creating Opportunities in the Web3 Community. Image: Queer Friends

Queer Friends

Queer Friends is a web3 company and NFT project that aims to amplify the voices of women, genderqueer, and LGBTQIA+ friends. Significantly, their mission is to provide a community, education, representation, and opportunities within the web3 space. In addition, Queer Friends aims to amplify the voices of women, gender queer, and LGBTQIA+ friends. Ultimately, they hope that individuals can discover love, friendship, family, acceptance, inspiration, and authenticity within the Queer Friends community.

Take Up Space

Take Up Space is a community-owned media company and NFT project. Notably, they are actively assembling a collective of creators, writers, and artists to usher in a fresh era of decentralized and intersectional media. By uniting diverse voices and perspectives, they aim to challenge the status quo. Additionally, they hope to create a platform that empowers underrepresented and LGBTQIA+ communities and amplifies their stories. Essentially, their aim is to empower a wide range of change-makers and creators through media, education, community, and events.

A Bug Travels Far

A Bug Travels Far is a unique NFT and IRL children’s book series with the powerful mission to bring LGBTQIA+ youth characters to the forefront of children’s literature. But also, to support organizations dedicated to preventing suicide within the LGBTQIA+ youth community. By championing diversity and inclusivity, this series aims to make a positive impact on young readers’ lives. Furthermore, it’s the first-ever children’s picture book series to be released as NFTs on the blockchain and featured on a Web3 token gated website.

#NFTWITHPRIDE: DROPSPOT's Campaign Celebrating LGBTQIA+ NFT Talents
#NFTWITHPRIDE: DROPSPOT’s Campaign Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Talents

Pride Events


Decentraland, in partnership with Polygonal Mind and Vegas City, has announced the highly-anticipated return of Metaverse Pride 2023! This immersive event is exclusively dedicated to the global LGBTQIA+ community. Plus, it will take place over three exciting days, from June 27th to 29th. In fact, this year’s festivities promise to be grander and more vibrant than ever before. So, prepare to immerse yourself in a celebration filled with captivating virtual art, thrilling experiences, live performances, valuable prizes, and educational LGBTQIA+ content.


Excitingly, DROPSPOT are holding the PRIDE2023 campaign, #NFTWITHPRIDE. Significantly, this campaign aims to shine a spotlight on the incredible talents within the LGBTQIA+ community. Additionally, they hope to provide inspiration and role models for the next generation and make a positive impact. So, get ready for a collection of bright, bold, and beautiful NFTs created by renowned international artists. These include Bobby Coyote, Jesse Soleil, Grey E Leifer, SkullTakes, Tammy M, GloGirl, Amit Greenberg, Stacie A Buhler, Sarisa Kojima, and Sofie Louise Birkin.

XPR3SSN by Mona: Exploring the Vibrant World of LGBTQIA+ NFT Art in Monatorium
XPR3SSN by Mona: Exploring the Vibrant World of Queer Art in Monatorium

XPR3SSN by Mona

Monaverse has recently launched XPR3SSN. Significantly, this is an immersive experience that showcases the extraordinary creations of talented queer artists. With a strong commitment to empowering LGBTQIA+ NFT artists, the monaverse primary goal is to foster a vibrant community. Significantly, a community that celebrates queer art, encourages meaningful dialogue, and promotes diverse perspectives. Furthermore, XPR3SSN features a carefully curated lineup of boundary-pushing queer artists who challenge conventional norms.

So, step into the vibrant virtual realm of Monatorium! Here, you can embark on an exploration through the virtual halls, interact with artwork, and connect with like-minded art lovers and creators. Finally, Mona, the driving force behind this visionary space, is dedicated to empowering queer artists by providing a platform for expression and celebration.


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