Is Ether the Next Anime NFT Blue Chip?

Is Ether the Next Anime NFT Blue Chip?

Anime NFT PFP‘s are never going out of style. Now, get ready for one of the biggest launches yet, with Ether! With its imminent launch on June 30th, Ether emerges as one of the most highly anticipated mints of 2023. Positioned as the next anime-style blue chip NFT, Ether has garnered significant attention and speculation within the crypto community.

a beautiful anime style picture depicting a dragon and a demon character, from the Ether NFT project!

Ether: Will The Anime NFT Project Take The Throne?

Ether, the highly anticipated anime-style blue chip NFT, has some key details that enthusiasts should take note of. The mint for Ether is scheduled for June 30th, and there will be a total supply of 10,000 NFTs.

The mint price for the public is set at 0.65 ETH, while those on the whitelist (WL) can acquire it for a reduced price of 0.35 ETH or even for free if they agree to a 10-week lockup period. These details highlight the accessibility and pricing options available for potential investors and collectors.

The Team

Founder & Artist: Viii (@visionofviii)
Co-founder: CV (@CValley_)

Viii, the founder and artist behind Ether, brings a wealth of experience to the project. Having worked with renowned brands such as RTFKT, Sony, and FaZe, Viii has demonstrated his artistic talent and ability to collaborate with industry leaders. On the other hand, CV, the co-founder of Ether, possesses a deep understanding of the web3 space.

With a solid reputation and a strong network of connections, CV’s expertise and insights contribute to the project’s credibility and potential for success. Together, Viii and CV form a dynamic team poised to make a significant impact in the NFT community.


Viii, an experienced artist, boasts an impressive portfolio of collaborations with esteemed brands such as RTFKT, Sony, and FaZe. Their meticulous attention to detail and pursuit of perfection shine through their work.

The artwork displayed by Ether exhibits a wide variety of traits, remarkable intricacy, and vibrant colors, captivating the admiration of many.

The Profile Picture (PFP)

Viii has shared numerous sneak peeks of the PFPs, although it remains uncertain if they represent the final art.
Overall, the art showcases a solid variety of traits, astonishing details, and a harmonious color palette, resulting in a visually cohesive collection.

While much of the community’s focus centers on securing a spot on the whitelist (WL), Ether boasts a robust and passionate core community, a positive indicator for the project’s success.

The alignment around art and fashion resonates well with the community, fostering a strong sense of shared interests.

Execution and Vision

Ether has adeptly generated significant attention and intrigue, leaving much about its post-mint plans shrouded in mystery.

In a podcast, CV hinted at Ether’s similarity to Fortnite, referring not to gaming but to the brand’s concept. Expect collaborations with established brands/IPs, seasonal releases, and digital “skins” that create a desirable digital identity.

Upcoming Milestones:

Over the coming weeks, Ether will unveil its website and release an eagerly anticipated trailer, which the team has invested approximately $500k into, further heightening expectations.

Acts of Kindness:

Viii has gained admiration for his numerous “random acts of kindness,” demonstrating his genuine care for community members in need. This compassionate aspect of the team shouldn’t go unnoticed.
As Ether’s launch approaches, excitement continues to build. With its captivating art, passionate community, and ambitious vision, Ether strives to make a lasting impact in the world of anime-style NFTs.

Some concerns voiced on Twitter include perceptions of unprofessionalism among the founders, a perceived high mint price, and the team’s undisclosed identities (undoxxed). But overall, the project seems promising from lore, to visuals, to future goals! Hodl on to this one, guys!


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