Gucci and MoonPay Join Christie’s for Art+Tech Summit at Rockefeller Center

Gucci and MoonPay Join Christie’s for Art+Tech Summit at Rockefeller Center

Christie’s is hosting its 7th annual Art+Tech Summit starting on July 19th. The famous auction house is joining forces with fashion icon Gucci, and also Web3 brand Moonpay, to bring Art and Tech to the masses. So, here’s all you need to know!


  • The event is scheduled for July 19 and July 20
  • It will take place in New York City at Christie’s Rockefeller Center location
  • The focus will be on AI & Quantum, FinTech, Web3 & Blockchain, and Luxury & Fashion
Cathie Wood is one of the headline speakers for Christie's Art + Tech Summit
Cathie Wood will lead a star-studded list of speakers at Christie’s Art + Tech Summit
Image Credit: TraderLion

What Should We Expect from Christie’s Art+Tech Summit?

Christie’s is partnering with Gucci and MoonPay for the two-day summit. It is a core part of the auction company’s ongoing campaign to create dialogue around the impact of emerging technology on the art world. Furthermore, the event will focus on four main fields- AI & Quantum, FinTech, Web3 & Blockchain, and Luxury & Fashion.

The summit was first held in 2018. Now, Christie’s brings in top minds from various global industries every year for the event. Once there, these business leaders hold lectures, talks, and also panel discussions on various aspects of technology. Moreover, it provides an invaluable networking opportunity for hundreds of professionals.

Who are the Speakers?

This year will have many exciting speakers. The list includes:

  • Cathie Wood, ArkInvest
  • Ester De Nicolás, Microsoft
  • Joe Lubin, Consensys
  • Beeple, Artist
  • Keith Grossman, MoonPay
  • Dani Loftus, Draup

How Has Christie’s Impacted Web3?

Christie’s has a history of fostering technological advancement. It launched online bidding in 2006 and was the first auction house to conduct online-only auctions in 2011. Additionally, the 200+ year company has built upon this legacy with its early participation in Web3.

Christie's Art + Tech Summit is just the latest example of the auction house's knack for innovation
Christie’s is launching an NFT-centric platform that allows for on-chain auction sales
Image Credit: Christie’s

It has hosted auctions for NFT projects like CryptoPunks and also showcased work from artists like Beeple. Furthermore, it’s developing Christie’s 3.0 to allow for fully on-chain NFT auction sales. By doing so, Christie’s is proving that it will continue to be a leader at the intersection of art and technology.






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