Glittering in the Metaverse: Swarovski Takes a Leap with Trademark Filings

Glittering in the Metaverse: Swarovski Takes a Leap with Trademark Filings

Leading jewelry brand, Swarovski may be diving into Web3. It recently submitted metaverse trademark applications on a range of products. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Swarovski dives into Web3 with metaverse trademark applications, suggesting its interest in the virtual world and potential expansion into new industries.
  • The famous jewelry brand aims to protect a wide range of products, including cosmetics, virtual reality glasses, and digital files authenticated by NFTs.
  • Swarovski’s move aligns with its ongoing revamp strategy, which focuses on profitability and finding new talent. While trademarks continue to heat the business world with Kellogg’s filing 12 trademarks of its brands. Exciting times lie ahead as Swarovski jumps into the metaverse.
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Swarovski Leaps Into The Metaverse

Swarovski Submits Metaverse Trademark Application

The famous Austrian company, famous for its crystals and precious stones, recently filed trademark applications on May 30th. Thus, hinting at its aspirations to conquer the virtual world.

The news broke through Michael Kondouis, a trademark attorney who took to Twitter to share the exciting details of Swarovski’s filings. Moreover, this move could mark the brand’s move into new industries, creating curiosity and speculation among enthusiasts.

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Swarovski Trademark Application

Significantly, Swarovski’s trademark application seeks protection for a wide range of products. They are moving into the world of non-medicated cosmetics (IC003) and virtual reality glasses (IC009). Additionally, they are also exploring the realm of NFTs by applying for downloadable digital files, including sound and video recordings of fashion shows, videos, and memes, all authenticated by NFTs.

Moreover, Swarovski aims to provide downloadable virtual goods, offering image files of precious stones, imitations, jewelry and accessories, watches and clocks, stationery, pens and writing instruments, eyewear, fashion accessories, clothing, shoes, headwear, and handbags. In addition, they are filing for precious metals and their alloys, jewelry, and horological instruments under IC014.

It’s important to note that filing a trademark application doesn’t necessarily mean a release of an NFT line. However, it does suggest that Swarovski might be considering this move in the future, keeping their options open.

Excitingly, this announcement coincides with Swarovski’s ongoing revamp as highlighted in a recent article by Business of Fashion. The company is focusing on profitability and has enlisted the talents of experts like Steven Meisel and Pat McGrath. This move aims to breathe new life into the brand and propel it towards greater success.

Trademarks Are Coming in Hot

Interestingly, this news follows just a week after Kellogg’s, the famous American cereal company, filed 12 trademarks for its brands. It seems that the world of trademarks is hot as companies explore new avenues and set their sights on the promising metaverse.

Swarovski’s trademark filings suggest that they are primed and ready to embrace the Web3 world. We can’t help but wonder what dazzling experiences they have in store for us. Keep an eye out for Swarovski’s potential leap into the metaverse, as it promises to be a shining journey.


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