Get Ready to Party: tokenproof Empowers 11 Fans to Attend Paris Hilton’s Sold-Out Show!

Get Ready to Party: tokenproof Empowers 11 Fans to Attend Paris Hilton’s Sold-Out Show!

tokenproof is empowering Paris Hilton avatar holders and biggest fans with an incredible opportunity! Essentially, by holding the 11 rarest avatars from the 1:1 Collection, lucky individuals will gain exclusive access to Paris Hilton’s highly anticipated “ICONS ONLY” concert. Let’s dive in!


  • The “ICONS ONLY” show features Paris Hilton’s iconic hits and exclusive new tracks.
  • Owners of the 11 rarest 1/1 avatars from Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media collection receive complimentary tickets.
  • Easy verification process by tokenproof ensures hassle-free entry to the concert, reinforcing their commitment to the community.
Paris Hilton Icons Only show for Avatar holders
Exclusive Access: tokenproof Grants 11 Lucky Fans a VIP Experience at Paris Hilton’s Live Concert

Seamless Entry for Paris Hilton Avatar Owners: tokenproof’s Effortless Verification Process for the Iconic Concert

tokenproof, the prominent web3 experiential wallet and blockchain authentication platform, has announced its role in enabling an exciting opportunity for Paris Hilton fans. Significantly, lucky owners of the 11 most unique 1/1 avatars from Paris Hilton’s esteemed 11:11 Media collection will receive a complimentary ticket to the “ICONS ONLY” show. Markedly, this is thanks to tokenproof’s authentication technology.

The “ICONS ONLY” show guarantees an evening to remember. It showcases Paris Hilton’s timeless hits alongside exclusive, never-before-heard songs. Notably, the show sold out in just three minutes. Plus, through using tokenproof’s easy verification process, all owners of the unique 1/1 Paris Hilton avatars can quickly and effortlessly prove that they own the avatars when they arrive at the event. This simple authentication ensures a smooth entry to Paris Hilton’s performance. Additionally, it shows tokenproof’s commitment to bringing Paris and her community closer together.

Furthermore, tokenproof has earned recognition by actively empowering communities and brands to establish stronger connections with their fans. They achieve this by assisting in curating exclusive experiences and benefits for their most devoted supporters. Notable collaborations include renowned names such as Adidas, GQ3, 9dcc,  and World of Women.


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