Get Ready for “Anthony James – Platonic Solids” – the Next Highly-Anticipated NFT Collection Drop from GODA

Renowned British-born, Los Angeles-based artist Anthony James announced a groundbreaking collaboration with the Gallery of Digital Assets (GODA). The artist is creating a series of NFTs using sacred geometries. Let’s dig into this new project!

An image of an artwork from British Artist Anthony James.
An artwork from British Artist Anthony James.

What are the “Platonic Solids” NFTs?

In partnership with GODA, James is revisiting the five “Platonic solids”. Those are sacred geometrical forms embodying elemental powers. 

From gold-framed icosahedrons electrified by white light over fiery seascapes to steel-framed cubes illuminated with gradient LEDs against crisp desertscapes, James has not only animated these iconic forms but also “gamified” them. Furthermore, collectors can choose to “burn” their Tier 1 NFTs to potentially unlock rarer forms set in more complex, emotionally evocative environments. This idea of destruction as creation harkens back to James’s 2008 artwork, “KO”. With KO, Anthony set fire to his Ferrari 355 Spider and encased its remnants in an infinity box.

The artist encourages collectors to take risks, likening the burning of NFTs to his own work with the Ferrari. Consequently, the highest risk-takers, those who burn all five Tier 1 tokens, have the chance to create the rarest form in the game: the Great Stellated Dodecahedron, or Metatron’s Cube.

James, fascinated with this complex shape, promises something special for the collectors who manage to create it. “It’s a bit of skill, a bit of chance, and a bit of good instincts. But someone will get lucky. That’s just the nature of sport,” he said.

Who is Anthony James?

Recognized for his cutting-edge multimedia sculptural practice involving algorithmic lighting, two-way mirrors, and metal forms, Anthony James is now exploring art in the digital space.

However, for over 25 years, James has been integrating digital systems into his artwork. He uses them to explore the effects of color and form on human emotions and chakras. Then, a few months ago, James became the first and only visual artist to have work exhibited on all seven continents. He installed one of his stainless steel, glass, and LED Portals at White Desert’s base camp in Antarctica. 

He joined the few internationally renowned artists to explore the medium that are NFTs, such as Tom Sachs before him. Finally, with NFTs he sees a new frontier. “There are no physical limitations, we’re only limited by our imaginations,” James said.




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