Get Juicy in the Starburst Metaverse!

Candy brand Starburst started exploring the metaverse with its Juicyverse experience, launched within the virtual shopping center known as TheMall. Users will have access to an immersive and interactive experience. Let’s delve into this innovative digital realm and discover what it has to offer!

A screenshot of the Starbust Metaverse.

What can we find in the Starburst metaverse?

TheMall, newly open, marked its debut with Mars-Wrigley, the company behind Starburst, as its first significant brand partner. The partnership launched the Starburst Juicyverse on the mall’s second floor. Guests can access the virtual Starburst store via a simple QR code scan.

Beyond the store, the Juicyverse offers a plethora of engaging experiences. Users of the metaverse can collect free virtual Starburst T-shirts for their avatars, engage in thrilling 3D scavenger hunts, and even experience the Starcade, complete with a disco and a photobooth. A unique feature is the scavenger hunt for a loyalty NFTs, that users will be able to redeemed as a real-world Starburst candy coupon.

The Juicyverse also presents a creative studio where users can construct 3D models using Starburst candies. They will also have the possibilitu to share their creations. The most outstanding ones may be minted as NFTs.

What is TheMall?

TheMall is currently the world’s largest virtual mall. It is a tower with 100 floors that will eventually offer 100 million square feet of retail and entertainment space.

Built using the MetaVRse Engine, a web-based, low-code 3D creation platform, the project aims to revolutionize the digital shopping landscape. It aims to transform it into a “social and exploratory adventure”. The ultimate goal is not to merely replicate real-world shopping but to create a novel experience that transcends the ordinary.

“Our goal is to be the No. 1 retail and entertainment destination in the metaverse and we believe that by starting with the familiar we can bring people that are not crypto natives,” MetaVRse co-founder Alan Smithson said. “We were not focused on the crypto bro culture at all. We want to bring in just everyday people into this and it starts with video gamers and then goes out from there.”


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