GameStop and Telos Forge Path for Web3 Gaming Advancement

GameStop and Telos Forge Path for Web3 Gaming Advancement

GameStop has announced a powerful partnership with The Telos Foundation to expand its Web3 gaming ecosystem! Significantly, the partnership brings together Web3 games on Telos’ decentralized blockchain and GameStop’s Playr game launchpad. Furthermore, this collaboration opens up new possibilities for distributing games to a wider audience in the mainstream gaming industry. Together, they are shaping a new era of gaming possibilities! Let’s dive in.


  • GameStop and The Telos Foundation are partnering to expand GameStop’s Web3 gaming landscape.
  • Telos Foundation enhances user onboarding for a more enjoyable, faster, and secure Web3 gaming experience.
  • GameStop shifts focus from physical stores to digital strategy, emphasizing Web3 gaming.
NFTs and Beyond: GameStop's Journey into the World of Web3 Gaming with Telos
NFTs and Beyond: GameStop’s Journey into the World of Web3 Gaming with Telos.

GameStop and Telos Foundation Join Forces to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming

GameStop and The Telos Foundation, the entity behind the Telos blockchain, are teaming up to expand GameStop’s Web3 gaming landscape. Significantly, Telos Foundation plays a crucial role in enhancing user onboarding. Thus, making gaming more enjoyable, faster, and granting players better control over their digital assets in a secure and flexible Web3 gaming environment.

AJ Dinger, head of business development at Telos Foundation, expressed optimism about this collaboration. They stated that it will attract new users to the Telos network and the Web3 gaming platform. Dinger emphasized, “We believe this partnership will drive the adoption of Web3 among new users. By integrating GameStop Playr with Telos’ high-performance blockchain infrastructure, we can overcome the obstacles that have been holding back Web2 players from embracing Web3.”

Moreover, the market responded swiftly to this announcement. Markedly, Telos’ native token, TLOS, experienced a notable 10% surge before stabilizing.

GameStop and Telos Embrace the Future

GameStop has shifted its focus from physical stores to a digital strategy, particularly in Web3 gaming. In February 2022, it announced a partnership with the Immutable X blockchain. Markedly, this was to create an NFT marketplace for trading in-game assets. The marketplace went through a public beta phase starting in July and was officially launched to the public in October 2022. Furthermore, GameStop introduced its own self-custodial cryptocurrency and NFT wallet in May 2022.

GameStop’s move from its traditional origins to the dynamic world of Web3 gaming is exciting. Additionally, it’s clear that the company fully embraces the future of gaming. The collaboration with The Telos Foundation is yet another testament to GameStop’s commitment to building innovative gaming experiences. Similarly, Telos recognizes the huge potential in the quickly growing gaming industry. Significantly, the Web3 gaming space is projected to attract more than 100 million new users in the next two years.

Even though traditional gaming is popular right now, blockchain technology and digital assets provide exciting opportunities for game studios and players. Telos is taking advantage of this by launching initiatives like Telos Zero and partnering with innovative gaming companies like GameStop.



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