From Mario to Reddit: Ubisoft’s Rabbids NFTs Take the Internet by Storm

From Mario to Reddit: Ubisoft’s Rabbids NFTs Take the Internet by Storm

Ubisoft unleashes Rabbids NFTs on Reddit! Significantly, this brings humor and excitement to user profiles. With a rich gaming legacy and an iconic presence in Nintendo’s Mario franchise, these unique alien rabbits are now available as Polygon NFTs. So, let’s take a look at how to acquire these iconic gaming creatures and join the fun!

Ubisoft Unleashes Rabbids NFTs on Reddit
Customize Your Profile with Gaming Charm!

Dive into the World of Ubisoft Rabbids NFTs!

Ubisoft, the esteemed gaming giant, has made a significant move by introducing its sought-after Rabbids NFTs to the Reddit platform. Renowned for their unconventional charm, these alien rabbit creatures first captivated audiences in the mid-2000s. Then, they gained popularity through their appearances in Nintendo’s beloved Mario franchise. Now, Reddit users can acquire these exclusive Polygon NFTs, enabling them to personalize their profiles with humor and excitement. Moreover, this collaboration between Ubisoft and Reddit offers a unique opportunity for users to showcase their gaming enthusiasm and express their individuality through these captivating digital collectibles.

From grumpy knights clutching plungers to radiant unicorn rabbits showcasing golden plungers, these captivating “digital assets” offer a delightful range of designs. Paying homage to the Rabbids’ iconic weapon from earlier games, the plunger takes center stage. Reddit took to Twitter to share the thrilling news of Ubisoft Rabbids NFTs, injecting a fresh twist into their already popular avatar experience.

The significance of Ubisoft Rabbids NFTs goes beyond initial expectations. Reddit users have shown immense enthusiasm for the platform’s ‘Snoo’ NFT avatars introduced in July 2022. With over 13.5 million individual NFTs released, the Snoo collectibles have amassed an impressive market cap of $330 million, despite many assets being given away for free. Secondary sales alone have generated $32.6 million, with approximately 300,000 transactions. Notably, in just two months, these NFTs witnessed over 4 million new mints in February. Brace yourself for the potential impact of Ubisoft Rabbids NFTs as they join the vibrant world of Reddit’s NFT ecosystem.


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