From Hater to Creator: Peter Schiff Ventures into Bitcoin NFT Art Collection

From Hater to Creator: Peter Schiff Ventures into Bitcoin NFT Art Collection

Peter Schiff, known for his skepticism towards cryptocurrencies, is defying expectations by announcing the release of a groundbreaking Bitcoin Ordinals NFT art collection. Despite his previous criticisms of NFTs as “worthless” and “easy to replicate,” Schiff is embracing the trend with this bold move.


  • Peter Schiff, known for his criticism of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, surprises the crypto community by launching his own NFT collection called ‘Golden Triumph’ on Bitcoin Ordinals.
  • From June 2 to June 9, this exclusive collection will be up for auction in two parts on 1Marketprice’s website.
  • Despite this move, Schiff remains skeptical about Bitcoin’s value on Twitter.
Peter Schiff NFT
Peter Schiff’s Surprising NFT Venture: Golden Triumph.

Bizarrely, Peter Schiff Launches his Own NFT Collection ‘Golden Triumph’ on Bitcoin Ordinals

Prepare for a surprising twist in the world of crypto and NFTs! While it’s not uncommon to encounter skeptics and haters, it’s rare to see one create their own collection. Enter Peter Schiff. Significantly, he is defying expectations by launching his very own NFT collection called ‘Golden Triumph’ on Bitcoin Ordinals.

Peter Schiff has long held a reputation in the crypto community, especially among Bitcoin enthusiasts, as a strong critic of the technology. This includes his recent disdain for NFTs. However, Peter Schiff will launch his collection in an auction on 1Marketprice. The event begins on June 2nd and runs for a week until June 9th. Art enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts alike will have the chance to bid on the 51 pieces.

The auction will be a two-part auction. The first phase will feature the sale of a unique piece created on oil linen canvas. Of course, this comes with an accompanying NFT. In the second phase, participants will compete for 50 limited prints of the same artwork. Here, each is accompanied by a corresponding Bitcoin Ordinal. Essentially, the top bidder will be awarded NFT number 1. Then, the following 49 highest bidders will receive numbered NFTs from 2 to 50 in descending order.

Despite making this move, Peter Schiff still doesn’t appear fully convinced about the concept of Bitcoin. In the comments section, where questions about his commitment to Bitcoin naturally arose, he responded, “There is something here for Bitcoiners. But I’m still not a member of that club.”


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