Five NFT Games Coming this Year from Line Next

NFT Games seem to have a promising future. Line Next, the NFT-focused subsidiary of the popular Asian social app Line, has unveiled the first five games set to debut on its Game Dosi Web3 gaming platform. Let’s discover what those games are about! 

A screenshot of the Game Dosi branding page.
Sweet Monster Guardians is the first game to offer NFT pre-sales on the Game Dosi platform

What are these Five New NFT Games?

This suite of Web3 games includes Sweet Monster Guardians, Vestria the Last Order (VLO), Keroz, Drawship Kingdom Reverse, and Project GD.

Each title boasts distinct game mechanics. Sweet Monster Guardians, the first game to offer NFT pre-sales on the Game Dosi platform, is a browser-based strategic defense game from Movisoft that revolves around the strategic placement of unique characters. Players can embark on a collective role-playing adventure in VLO, a game that exudes a Final Fantasy-esque aura.

Next, Keroz, a mobile and PC action-adventure game developed by Superflex, provides an alternative for those who prefer roguelike dungeon-crawling games.

Drawship Kingdom Reverse, a browser-based game from Nolatency Limited, offers NFT rewards through avatars, machines, and dolls.

Little is known about Project GD. However, the Game Dosi website hints that this fantasy IP will unfold as a competitive trading card game (TCG) with NFT-based decks of cards.

Line Next also announced that a secondary lineup of additional titles, featuring globally popular content, will be released later this year. 

What is the Game Dosi Web3 Gaming Platform?

The Game Dosi platform operates on the Finschia blockchain, formerly known as Line Blockchain and Link Chain. To clarify, Link is the native cryptocurrency of Finschia. The gaming industry eagerly anticipates the potential of this NFT-centric platform.

Game Dosi is set to officially launch on May 18. Moreover, the company will host a membership sale featuring gold and platinum-tier NFT passes. These passes promise early access to the new games among other benefits. Game Dosi adopted a “Gamer First, Web3 Next” approach. Therefore, it will offer NFT rewards from its forthcoming Project GD game.

Finally, players can win these rewards by completing missions available on the company’s community website by May 31. They will later have a second chance to win NFT prizes. It will consist of a raffle based on the number of Discord sign-ups for Game Dosi.


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