Experience the Magic: Doodles Teams Up with Camp for Unforgettable Retail Adventure

Experience the Magic: Doodles Teams Up with Camp for Unforgettable Retail Adventure

Doodles NFT announces the ultimate retail experience! In collaboration with the popular CAMP stores, web3’s favorite scribbles are set to launch its debut retail and entertainment experience this summer. CAMP is known for its hybrid shop/play concept, operates locations in major cities across the United States. These include locations in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and Atlanta.

Each CAMP location also features a rotating theme, with the current themes being Mickey + Friends, Disney’s Encanto, The Little Mermaid, and Nike Kids Camp.


  • Doodles NFT partners with CAMP stores for a unique retail and entertainment experience.
  • Immersive activations and high-quality products aim to foster emotional connections with a global audience.
  • Anticipate dedicated merchandise, toy stores, immersive experiences, and family-friendly programming in this collaboration.
A screengrab from Doodles NFT announcing their CAMP partnership
Doodles x CAMP – A new way of experiencing this “beyond-NFT” project!

Doodles NFT Redefines Retail in Partnership with CAMP

The retail landscape has evolved beyond a mere transactional setting, with the most successful activations embracing experiential elements. Doodles recognizes this shift and aims to distinguish itself through immersive experiences and high-quality products. This then helps them foster lasting relationships and emotional connections with their global audience.

Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles, expressed his excitement, stating, “We like to say that the simple act of doodling can ignite your imagination and take you to new realities. Well, I can hardly explain how fun it’s been to doodle with the team at CAMP. Summer 2023 is going to be full of color and joy.”

Through this partnership, Doodles has the opportunity to engage with people in the real world, introducing them to its art and characters. Therefore, Doodles will seamlessly guide them to its digital collector experience, The Stoodio, effectively welcoming thousands of new individuals into the Doodles ecosystem. Doodles has become renowned for its immersive activations that seamlessly blend physical and digital realms at prominent cultural events like SXSW and Art Basel. So, by extending the impact of these experiences beyond temporary pop-ups, Doodles seeks to emulate the enduring enchantment of iconic destinations like Disneyland and Universal Studios, allowing people to continually engage with and fall in love with the Doodles brand.

What’s in Store?

Anticipate the following offerings from this partnership:

  • Introduction of Doodles’ first merchandise specifically designed for kids and families.
  • A dedicated toy store showcasing new Doodles toys.
  • An immersive experience spanning 6,000 square feet, catering to the enjoyment of the entire family.
  • Family-friendly daytime programming alongside evening events targeted at adults.
  • An opportunity to delve into the lore surrounding the Doodles brand and its characters.

CAMP provides an avenue to reach a mainstream audience, one that far exceeds the reach of Web3. This partnership serves as an exceptional opportunity for Doodles to onboard a wider demographic. However, the essence of the original collector experience remains integral to this collaboration. Moreover, established Doodles collectors enjoy exclusive privileges and benefits at CAMP. This includes complimentary entry, merchandise credits, access to collector concierge services, and also opportunities for personalized creations.

Ben Kaufman, the founder of CAMP, emphasized the shared focus on fun, stating, “At its core, CAMP is about one thing: fun. So we’re excited to join forces with Doodles to create a weird, wild, and ridiculously FUN experience.”

This development presents an exhilarating prospect for fans and collectors. They now have the chance to immerse themselves in the world of Doodles through a fresh and captivating experience. So, it’s time to step through the magic door together!




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