Don’t Miss Out: Fewocious Set to Drop “Fewos” Collection this August!

NFT artist Fewocious has just unveiled their highly anticipated collection titled “Fewos.” This captivating collection introduces 20,000 unique characters that reside in the vibrant Web3 universe known as Fewoworld. Excitingly, these incredible creations will soon be open for minting, with availability expected in late August.


Fewocious Unveils Exclusive Collection: 20,000 PFP NFTs for Minting in August!

Fewocious took to Twitter to announce their latest collection. The series will comprise 20,000 PFP NFTs and the exclusive digital artworks will be available to mint in August. It’s evident that Fewos are fascinating characters residing within Fewoworld. Significantly, this is an immersive Web3 universe of digital art created by Fewocious. The collection features three distinct species of Fewo NFTs, namely Frankenstein, Misunderstood, and Humanoid, each possessing its own unique artistic traits. There are no details on the mint price just yet. However, collectors are excited about the opportunity to acquire these unique pieces.

Furthermore, there will be a presale for holders of Fewocious’ previous Paint Drop collection and other Fewocious digital art token holders, before the public sale opens later in the summer. Notably, each Fewo NFT comes with an ERC-6551. This enables the token to transform into a wallet. Then, collectors can use the token to claim a mint pass for FewoFashion. Markedly, this is a collection of digital wearables and accessories.

Victor Langlois, known by his artist name Fewocious, has established himself as one of the most accomplished NFT artists in the industry. His remarkable journey includes the launch of the Paint Drop collection in April 2022. Significantly, this event garnered an astounding $20 million in sales within a mere 24 hours.


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