Digital Fashion Powerhouses Join Forces to Create a Next-Level Virtual Fashion Universe

Digital fashion enthusiasts rejoice as The Fabricant announces a new VR world to showcase top wearables. The web3 fashion house teamed up with the hyper-realistic metaverse Cornerstone for the project. Together, the duo hopes to revolutionize the digital fashion industry’s user experience – and this is just the start!

digital poster of the and The Fabricant digital fashion metaverse
The digital fashion house The Fabricant partners with for a photorealistic experience.

How Does The Fabricant’s Digital Fashion VR Look?

The top digital fashion house The Fabricant returns to the web3 scene with a brand new launch via the Cornerstone metaverse. Basically, The Fabricant will use Cornerstone’s latest cloud-rendering tech to create immersive hyper-realistic experiences for its users.

To begin with, Cornerstone will host the ‘Wholeland, Primal Rave’ fashion event. Attendees will be able to check out couture wearables of The Fabricant’s iconic Wholeland collection. Accordingly, the fashion house used Cornerstone’s unique cloud system based on the Unreal Engine to offer a photorealistic virtual journey.

This unique event will begin in September for 60 pre-confirmed attendees from Cornerstone and The Fabricant’s web3 communities.

digital poster of The Fabricant digital wearables
The first virtual event featuring The Fabricant’s Wholeland collection will begin in September. What you Should Know about the Metaverse

The Cornerstone team’s journey began over 12 years ago. Starting as a virtual studio, the company has successfully created more than 650 hyper-realistic virtual worlds so far.

Now, Cornerstone is planning to take its user experience to the next level with a photorealistic metaverse. Therefore, its collaboration with The Fabricant was a natural step in both parties’ journey to expand their businesses.

“The rapidly emerging digital fashion industry is one of the key pillars of the metaverse, enabling users to build their digital identity,” said Cornerstone’s CEO Miikka Rosendahl. The virtual fashion show with The Fabricant is designed to immerse the audience in the design with a new form of interactivity provided by metaverse.”

What is The Fabricant?

The Fabricant is among the leading web3 couture fashion house. Founded before the NFT boom, in 2018, it’s one of the most successful digital-only fashion brands to date.

Last year alone, The Fabricant partnered with top physical and digital brands: Dolce & Gabanna, World of Women, and Sevdaliza. Moreover, throughout 2023, the brand hopes to improve its user experience in a fashion-first virtual environment.

“The Fabricant’s partnership with Cornerstone raises the bar for the industry, meeting its needs and expectations with a virtual environment that knocks the aesthetics out of the park,” said CEO of The Fabricant Kerry Murphy.


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