Digital Art Drama: Beeple and Bitboy Collide in Crypto Twitter Feud

A messy situation has been unfolding on NFT Twitter involving digital artist Beeple and influencer Bitboy. It all started when Beeple, who happens to be one of the most successful artists alive, decided to share an image depicting Bitboy covered in monkey poop. Bitboy fired back by comparing Beeple to the infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. It’s safe to say things escalated quickly. Let’s dive headfirst into the drama.

Still from Beeple Tweet
Bitboy and Andrew Tate Covered in Monkey Poop

The NFT Drama Between Beeple and Bitboy

There’s no such thing as a typical day in the world of NFTs, right? However, the feud between Beeple and Bitboy has been particularly peculiar. It’s not every day that one of the most successful artists in the world Tweets an image of a crypto influencer covered in Bored Ape monkey poop. Additionally, nor is it usual for an influencer to compare a globally renowned artist to an infamous serial killer.

What on earth caused this drama? I hear you ask. Well, it turns out Bitboy has been involved with a controversial meme token called BEN. The meme token is designed to give people an opportunity to invest in people named Ben. Strange, I know. But here’s the catch, Bitboy didn’t create the token. The creator is another crypto influencer, Ben.eth.

BEN initially had a near-worthless valuation when it launched a few weeks ago. However, that didn’t stop Bitboy from striking a deal with Ben.eth. Bitboy agreed to pay around $430,000 in ETH and stablecoins for a 20% stake in the token and control over its liquidity pool.

Currently, the market cap of BEN sits just below $30 million, which makes Bitboy’s investment seem like a smart move. However, meme tokens like BEN tend to have a short-lived surge in value before plummeting and dying permanently.

Still from Coingebo
BEN Token Market Cap

Naturally, this situation raised some eyebrows, and people started calling out Bitboy for what they considered a shady move. Another influencer, Shwaz, labeled it “mind-blowing idiocy” that would surely earn Ben.eth a spot in the “scammer hall of fame.” Beeple himself joined in on the criticism, and that’s why he created the NFT artwork featuring Bitboy covered in ape faeces.

The Feud Continues

Now, Bitboy isn’t one to receive criticism without putting up a fight. He defended himself, claiming he had no intention of pumping and dumping the coin. He insisted that he was simply passionate about his name, which is why he made this investment. To prove his commitment, he even posted his ETH wallet address on Twitter and promised not to move any BEN tokens from that address for the next six months.

Here’s where things take a turn. Exactly one week later, a Twitter user decided to check Bitboy’s wallet address and discovered that he had indeed dumped all of his BEN tokens, just a week after making that public pledge. He tried to explain himself, saying that it was a necessary step to eventually bring BEN to a $500 million market cap. As you can imagine, many people, including Beeple aren’t impressed with Biytboy’s behavior.

In response, Bitboy fired back, referring to Beeple as Jeffrey Dahlmer, the infamous serial killer. As for the latest updates, neither Bitboy nor Ben.eth has added to the ordeal. It looks like we’ll have to wait and see how this NFT Twitter drama unfolds. This isn’t the first time that Bitboy has been called out, and it likely won’t be the last.


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