Curious Addys and Zeneca Join Forces for HeyMint, the Beginner NFT Platform

HeyMint, the beginner NFT platform, and Zeneca, a renowned thought leader, have collaborated! Significantly, they have joined Curious Addys to co-brand the HeyMint Launchpad. This powerful union aims to tackle onboarding challenges and provide a seamless NFT creation experience for all users. Let’s take a closer look!

Heymint Beginner NFT platform partner with Zeneca and Curious Addys
Embark on Your NFT Journey: HeyMint Launchpad and Zeneca Support NFT Beginners.

HeyMint Beginner NFT Launchpad: Powering Your NFT Journey with Zeneca and Curious Addys

HeyMint, in collaboration with Zeneca and Curious Addys, proudly announces the official co-branding of the HeyMint Beginner NFT Launchpad. This exciting partnership aims to enhance onboarding processes in the web3 space. Moreover, the HeyMint Launchpad is a powerful tool for NFT creation, providing support for both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. Notably, it features a PFP NFT Art generator for easy token generation, along with various options for rarity settings, custom rules, custom tokens, pre-reveal images, metadata creation, and IPFS uploads.

Furthermore, with a smart contract generator, the platform enables seamless management of public sales and presales. It also offers advanced features such as soulbinding, burn to mint, free claim, staking, loaning, and refunding. Additionally, HeyMint supports credit card payments and is compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. As such, it provides users with flexibility and convenience in their beginner NFT journey.

HeyMint has shared data showcasing the affordability of its Launchpad. Significantly, contract deployment costs are up to 100% cheaper than Manifold, 15% cheaper than Zora, and 25% cheaper than Bueno. This affordability makes it easier for users and creators to participate in the NFT space.

To celebrate the partnership between HeyMint and Zeneca, they have released a special commemorative NFT. Plus, anyone can mint this NFT for free until May 30. Ultimately, this creates an opportunity for everyone to be a part of this collaboration and experience the world of NFTs.

Zen Academy
Zeneca’s Zen Academy: Empowering Curiosity in the World of NFTs and Web3.

Thrive in Web3 and Beyond: Zeneca’s Zen Academy Empowers Curious Minds

Zeneca has pioneered the Zen Academy, an innovative NFT project that aims to foster a vibrant community of inquisitive individuals. The academy is dedicated to providing members with essential tools, promising opportunities, and valuable connections to thrive in the ever-evolving world of web3 and beyond. Regardless of your current stage in the web3 journey, the academy is open to all.

Zeneca expressed their excitement about the beginner NFT launchpad collaboration, stating: “Absolutely THRILLED to be partnering even more with HeyMint Launchpad. Their toolkit and resources are absolutely fantastic and can help any and all creators looking to work with NFTs realize their goals.” Notably, Zeneca established the Academy to support NFT beginners who may feel overwhelmed when entering the web3 space. That’s why their partnership with Heymint and Curious Addys is a perfect synergy.


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