Christie’s 3.0 Auction: Jack Butcher’s Digital Artwork Sells Out, Fetching Over $93,000

Christie’s 3.0 Auction: Jack Butcher’s Digital Artwork Sells Out, Fetching Over ,000

Christie’s 3.0 successfully concluded the auction of Jack Butcher: Checks Elements. Significantly, the auction featured three digital artworks named “Alpha” representing Earth, Air, and Water. The collection, consisting of 152 pieces, explores the idea of social media verification and was created in partnership with Jean Milant and Cirrus Editions. Notably, all the artworks in the auction were sold, resulting in a total of 50.10 ETH ($93,035.70) in sales. Let’s take a closer look!

Jack Butcher: Checks Elements Artwork at Christie's 3.0 Auction
Jack Butcher: Checks Elements Artwork Shines at Christie’s 3.0 Auction

Auction Success at Christie’s 3.0!

On May 23, 2023, Christie’s 3.0 concluded the auction of Jack Butcher’s artwork called “Checks Elements.” The artworks are part of a larger collection of 152 pieces. Significantly, they explore social media verification. Jack Butcher collaborated with Jean Milant and Cirrus Editions to bring these concepts to life. Markedly, the auction was a success, with all the artworks sold. In fact, the total sales amounted to 50.10 ETH ($93,035.70). The highest-selling piece was Air, which sold for 19.88 ETH. Then, Water with 17.25 ETH and Earth with 12.97 ETH.

Lydia Chen, from Christie’s, expressed delight in working with Jack Butcher and witnessing the enthusiastic participation of new bidders throughout the Christie’s 3.0 auction. Additionally, she said: “It was an absolute pleasure working with Jack Butcher to present this collection of three works from his Checks Elements series.”

Christie’s Blends Technology and Tradition to Shape the Art Industry

Christie’s, founded in 1766, is a global leader in the art and luxury industry. Notably, Christie’s earns recognition for conducting expert live and online auctions, facilitating private sales, and offering a diverse range of services, including art appraisal, financing, and real estate. Furthermore, they have a presence in 46 countries and flagship sales hubs in major cities.

Prior to Christie’s 3.0, in the realm of digital art, Christie’s made history by selling the first digital art NFT in 2021. They have since launched an on-chain auction platform dedicated to exceptional NFT art. Embracing innovation, Christie’s utilizes hologram technology, augmented reality, live-streaming, and hybrid sales formats to redefine the art business.


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