Check Out the World of Women Artfest Finalists!

The Spring 2023 World of Women Artfest is in full swing! Markedly, World of Women and Makersplace has reviewed hundreds of artworks and narrowed it down to just ten finalists. Their artworks are now presented to the World of Women and the World of Women Galaxy communities for them to cast their votes. Let’s dive in!

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World of Women’s Artfest Finalists!

1. Amarylis Hibon

Amarylis, also known as Amylili, is an artist and illustrator currently residing in Luxembourg. After experiencing burnout, she shifted her career path to become a freelance artist and illustrator three years ago. Amarylis joined the NFT space earlier this year, creating mainly 2D digital illustrations. Her work centers on femininity, portraying women as strong, confident, and powerful.

2. Lindsay Kokoska

Lindsay Kokoska, also known as Infinite Mantra, draws inspiration for her art from various aspects of life. Her passion for art is further fueled by her love of travel, culture, and yoga practice, which seeks to bridge the mundane and the sublime. Furthermore, she incorporates geometry, astronomy, nature, patterns, and shapes into her thought-provoking pieces.

3. Sorryverror

Sorryvrerror is an NFT artist, creator and founder. Significantly, they are behind the generative art collections Faceless NFTs and Bored Town NFTs. World of Women selected their piece “Black Moon” as one of the top ten for Artfest.

4. Odyssey of the Heart

Pierandrea, a multidisciplinary artist, expresses emotions and explores the human mind through various mediums. For him, creating is a way to process emotions and embrace life. His art revolves around the idea that life is a journey, and we are all wandering around, looking for something.

5. Katalina Ooma

Katalina Ooma is an accomplished PhD designer and skilled digital illustrator. She has a passion for painting portraits and their derivatives. Moreover, her talent has been previously recognized with a prestigious award in the Innovative category at the WoWAwards.

Priya Deb's submission for World of Women Artfest 2023
“Blooming Tranquility” by Priya Deb.


6. Priya Deb

Priya Deb is an artist residing in India. They have submitted a colorful and powerful piece called “Blooming Tranquility” for the Spring 2023 World of Women Artfest.

7. Night Shade

Night Shade is an artist, painter, illustrator, mixed media artist, crafter, sculptor, and a freelance graphic designer. Markedly, her entry for World of Women’s Artfest is inspired by a Goddess creating a new phase of the moon through the use of her reflection.

8. Marie

For World of Women’s Artfest 2023, Marie submitted a piece called “Blooming Through Life.” Significantly, with this piece, Marie aimed to showcase women’s journey towards change, growth, renewal, and reinvention.

9. Peyman Naderi

Peyman Naderi, also known as Papillon on Twitter, is an award-winning fine art and fashion photographer. Notably, they have submitted a photography piece for Artfest 2023, titled “Empereur de la Fleur.”

10. Nhefertiti

Nhefertiti is an NFT artist. World of Women selected their piece “Lunar Bloom” for Artfest 2023. Additionally, she expresses a deep passion for art and design, drawing inspiration from various manifestations.


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