Bowling Goes Digital: PBA and Bowlero Launch LBC for NFT-Based Awards

Pro Bowling is now offering NFT rewards to the players. The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and its parent company, Bowlero, are initiating ‘The League Bowler Certification Awards’ (LBC). To clarify, LBC is a revolutionary award system using the power of NFTs on Avalanche to acknowledge bowling achievements. 

An image showcasing some of the NFT rewards offered by the PBA.
Those NFT rewards will celebrate various bowling milestones.

NFT rewards in the Form of Soulbound Tokens

This PBA and Bowlero initiative targets approximately 300,000 league participants. It aims to provide NFT rewards for remarkable bowling accomplishments. Moreover, powered by Layer 3 Labs on a dedicated Avalanche subnet, the LBC ensures smooth operation, allowing bowlers to easily earn NFT rewards without requiring cryptocurrency.

Unlike standard NFTs, these NFT rewards are Soulbound tokens. Therefore, the tokens are non-transferable and non-saleable.

This innovative system will celebrate various bowling milestones. Notable achievements recognized by these awards indeed include bowling a 200-game, attaining a perfect 300-game, reaching a 700 series or an 800 series, and scoring 50 or 100 pins above the players’ average. Furthermore, to attain these coveted NFT rewards, bowlers must hold active PBA’s LBC program membership and possess a LeaguePals account.

Additionally, in its second phase, the PBA’s LBC Awards program will introduce a dynamic points-based system. Apart from earning distinctive NFT rewards, bowlers will indeed accumulate points for each achievement, which can be redeemed for exclusive offers and enticing prizes.

“With this launch, we are demonstrating our commitment to optimizing the league bowler experience through innovative technology”, said Lev Ekster, Chief Strategy Officer of Bowlero Corp.

Which Companies are Behind this Project?

Bowlero and PBA partnered with Layer 3 Labs, a leading entity in transitioning traditional brands to Web3, to launch this unique rewards system. Utilizing an Avalanche subnet, they aim to eliminate potential congestion issues. Thus, securing an uninterrupted program operation.

The PBA will reward successful bowlers on its LeaguePals platform. It’s worth noting that receiving these NFT rewards does not necessitate owning cryptocurrency. Consequently, this ensures that all league participants, even those unfamiliar with blockchain technology, can benefit from this transformational awards system.

The launch of the LBC by PBA and Bowlero exhibits a pioneering utilization of NFTs on Avalanche to honor sports achievements. Moreover, it showcases the extensive potential use cases of on-chain digital assets.


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