Barbie and Boss Beauties are Onboarding Women to Web3!

Barbie and Boss Beauties have teamed up to bring more women into Web3! Mattel is partnering with Boss Beauties, a women-led Web3 brand, to release an exciting new NFT collection. Markedly, the digital collectibles will celebrate Barbie’s extensive 250-year career. The collection features NFTs designed in Boss Beauties’ unique style that honor Barbie’s various professions, including artists, astronauts, CEOs, doctors, veterinarians, and pilots. Furthermore, these NFTs have multiple rarity tiers and real-world benefits. So, get ready to add some amazing pieces to your collection!

Unleashing the Potential of Women in Web3: Mattel and Boss Beauties' NFT Collection
Unleashing the Potential of Women in Web3: Mattel and Boss Beauties’ NFT Collection.

Empowering Women in Web3: Mattel and Boss Beauties Launch a Collection of On-Chain Virtual Assets

Mattel, the iconic creator of Barbie, and Boss Beauties, a women-led Web3 entity, have teamed up to launch a collection of on-chain virtual assets. The partnership aims to encourage and empower women to explore the world of Web3. Ultimately, this collaboration is a celebration of women’s achievements. Plus, an inspiration for more women to take part in web3 and the new age of technology.

So, what do we know about the Barbie and Boss Beauties NFT collection? Firstly, the affordable digital collectibles are on the Flow blockchain. They showcase Barbie’s 25 professions, including astronaut, CEO, doctor, pilot, and veterinarian, among others.

Moreover, the straightforward check-out process and affordable pricing allow for easy entry for women into the Web3 world. Each $25 pack includes two ‘common’ cards, one ‘uncommon’ card, and a fourth card that could fall under any rarity category. Furthermore, the rewards range from physical goods to virtual career conversations with elite professionals. You can use the highly-coveted “Ultra Rare” NFTs to redeem a limited-edition Barbie “Career of the Year” doll set. But, they make up only 0.67 percent of the collection. If you’re lucky enough to snag one of the even rarer “Exclusive” NFTs, which make up just 0.47 percent of the collection, you can exchange it for a ticket to the highly anticipated “World of Barbie” exhibition in Los Angeles.

Early access starts today, and all first buyers will receive an exclusive digital asset, revealing a unique career trait. The official launch is on May 18 at Veecon, with additional rewards opening up over time.

Mattel and Boss Beauties' Virtual Barbie Collection Leads the Way
Mattel and Boss Beauties’ Virtual Barbie Collection Leads the Way

Shattering Gender Norms in the Web3 World

Mattel and Boss Beauties team up to create a collection of on-chain virtual assets featuring Barbie in various professional roles. The goal is to empower and inspire one million women and girls to explore the possibilities of the Web3 world. This collaboration challenges traditional gender norms by showing that all careers are open to women. With roles like an astronaut and a pilot, this virtual collection provides a platform for women and girls to imagine a future where they can achieve their professional goals regardless of gender. Ultimately, Mattel and Boss Beauties are leading the way towards a more inclusive and empowering digital future for women in web3.


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