Apple has reportedly acquired Mira, an augmented reality (AR) company based in San Francisco. The acquisition is expected to help Apple further its efforts in the AR space, which has become a key focus for the tech giant in recent years.

Mira was founded in 2016 and has developed a number of AR products, including a headset that allows users to interact with virtual objects in the real world. The company has also worked with a number of high-profile clients, including Disney and Warner Bros.

While Apple has not yet confirmed the acquisition, reports suggest that the deal was worth around $30 million. This is a relatively small sum for Apple, which has a market capitalization of over $2 trillion, but it is still a significant investment in the AR space.

Apple has been investing heavily in AR technology in recent years, with the launch of its ARKit platform in 2017 and the release of its first AR-enabled device, the iPhone X, in 2018. The company has also been rumored to be working on its own AR headset, which could be released as early as 2022.

The acquisition of Mira could help Apple accelerate its efforts in the AR space by providing the company with access to Mira’s technology and expertise. It could also help Apple to compete more effectively with other tech giants, such as Facebook and Google, which have also been investing heavily in AR technology.

One potential application for Apple’s AR technology is in the gaming industry. AR games have become increasingly popular in recent years, with titles such as Pokemon Go and Minecraft Earth attracting millions of players. Apple’s AR technology could help to take these games to the next level by allowing players to interact with virtual objects in the real world.

Another potential application for Apple’s AR technology is in the retail industry. AR technology could allow customers to try on clothes or see how furniture would look in their homes before making a purchase. This could help to improve the customer experience and increase sales for retailers.

Overall, the acquisition of Mira is a significant development for Apple’s AR efforts. While the company has already made significant progress in this area, the acquisition of Mira could help to accelerate its efforts and bring new AR products to market more quickly. It will be interesting to see how Apple’s AR technology develops in the coming years and what new applications it will be used for.


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