AliExpress and the Moment3! Unleash 5,555 NFTs in Epic Collaboration

Moment3! and AliExpress, the renowned online retail platform of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, are teaming up to launch NFTs! On June 25, they will release 5,555 NFTs for sale. Significantly, it’s a fantastic collaboration that brings together cutting-edge digital collectibles and a global online marketplace. Let’s take a closer look.


Moment3! and AliExpress to Release NFTs: Exciting Announcements and Growing Buzz

Moment3!, in collaboration with AliExpress, is making waves in the world of NFTs. Markedly, the project was announced on Thursday through AliExpress’ Twitter account, creating excitement among digital art and NFT fans. Although AliExpress later removed the post, you can still find the announcement on Moment3!’s Twitter page.

What adds to the excitement of this collaboration is the convenient payment options it brings. With, you can use different cryptocurrencies, such as the memecoin Floki, to buy items on AliExpress. This integration makes it easier for cryptocurrency fans to use their preferred digital currencies when shopping on AliExpress, which helps cryptocurrencies become more widely accepted in the online retail world.

Moreover, as the launch day gets closer, more and more people are getting excited about the Moment3! and AliExpress partnership. Additionally, the fact that these special NFTs will be available on a well-known platform like AliExpress is a big deal. Finally, it’s a milestone that shows how much this type of art is growing, and it gives collectors and fans a chance to be a part of it in a special way.


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