A0K1VERSE is Hacked, and ben.eth Reweets the Scammer

A0K1VERSE is Hacked, and ben.eth Reweets the Scammer

Steve Aoki’s Twitter account fell victim to hackers during the A0K1VERSE hack. Adding to the complexity of the situation, renowned NFT influencer and founder, ben.eth, unwittingly retweeted the scammer’s message. He believed it to be Steve Aoki. Unfortunately, this led to substantial financial losses for his followers. Let’s take a look at what actually happened!

Steve Aoki
Stay Informed and Stay Safe. Image: Steve Aoki

Ben.eth’s Retweet During A0K1VERSE Hack Leads to Huge Losses for Followers

On-chain sleuth, ZachXBT, tweeted his take on the situation. According to Zach, ben.eth’s retweet during the A0K1VERSE hack resulted in an estimated loss of approximately $170,000 for his trusting followers. The scammer strategically tagged ben.eth in a tweet, aiming to exploit his influence to garner more funds through the hack. Unfortunately, ben.eth inadvertently retweeted the message from the compromised account. This sadly left his followers vulnerable and susceptible to having their wallets drained.

During the A0K1VERSE hack, the A0K1VERSE account took to Twitter to ensure that followers were aware of the breach in Steve Aoki’s account. They urged caution and emphasized the importance of refraining from clicking on any unofficial links to ensure everyone’s safety.

A0K1VERSE Tweet during the hack
A0K1VERSE Tweets During Hack. 

The Importance of Online Security for Influencers

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with online security and the potential consequences of falling victim to hacking attempts. It also highlights the responsibility influencers and public figures bear in verifying the authenticity of the content they share.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for individuals to exercise vigilance and remain informed about potential threats. Remember, your online safety is paramount, so think twice before clicking on any suspicious links or sharing sensitive information. Stay informed, adopt best practices for online security, and exercise caution when engaging with content.



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